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Posted by on Jun 15, 2017

Amonkhet Draft #7 | Semulin

Amonkhet Draft #7 | Semulin

  • Rune Espenhein

    Travis, you’re a great player and one of the few that I like watching.

    However, I think that you made a big mistake when opening and passing Liliana’s Mastery though. That card is a bomb, and great in b/w and fine in b/u! There’s a lot of zombies in the format and it’s almost impossible to interact with, plus always has an immediate effect on the board.
    Besides, you also had the opportunity to take a Cruel Reality later. I know that you had… mostly… passed on black by then, but that card and Sandwurm Convergence are exactly what you want to ramp into. With the ramp deck that you had at the time, I would 100% have taken Cruel Reality and splashed it. It’s double black, but surprisingly easy to splash because the common green enchantment (which you didn’t get, but could have) makes two mana of any color, and the naga vitalists double any color of mana that you can make (which works great with the common 5 color land that you pointed out that you don’t like). That land is fine for splashing, and great with naga vitalists…
    Anyway, just my 2cp – keep up the good work and keep the drafts coming!