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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013

Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song Banned in Modern!

Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song Banned in Modern!

Yes it actually happened.

Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song are banned.

Magic Online Pauper
Empty the Warrens, Grapeshot, and Invigorate are banned.

Eric Lauer, one of the lead Magic developers, explains the bannings in an article over at the Mothership. To summarize briefly, Bloodbraid Elf was banned because WOTC wanted more diversity in the format and with Jund taking down the last couple of Grand Prix tournaments, they decided to axe a card that was unique to Jund. Storm was banned because they did not want frequent turn 3 kills to be possible in the format.

For Erik Lauer’s complete explanation on the B&R changes, click here!

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  • My quick hites

  • Going to give my quick hits on this. I think the reasoning behind Seething Song is justifiable. It’s just puzzling because Storm hasn’t been a big player in real-life. At the last Grand Prix, Past in Flames was 8th in popularity on Day 2, but I agree with this banning if they do not feel turn 3 kills should be part of Modern. If one day they decided that Hexproof should not be a viable strategy, I would not be surprised to see them ban a card from Bogles. 😉

    • livewithfrank

      Kar Yung Tom In hindsight I’m not surprised by the Seething Song ban. They did the same thing in Legacy when they banned Mystical Tutor and now also completely banned the key storm cards from pauper.

  • The banning on Bloodbraid Elf is all the ruckus and I am indifferent because I have not played Jund too much in the last year. I have no emotions attached to needing to feel the thrill of a Bloodbraid Elf ride when I hit 2RG mana. To some, BBE is a drug and WOTC just took away their crack. I am sorry, Phil.
    But personally, I think people suggesting the death of Jund or the return of the Elementals deck are being way too premature. Jund is still going to be a very good deck moving forward, which makes me question how I want to be thinking going into my next PTQ. Will most people think Jund is dead or will most people think like me?

  • Adam

    Lol.. Banning seething song because storm can win on turn 3 is justifiable? If they are going to uphold the “Can’t win before 3” rule, then maybe they should look at Robots / Burn / Infect / Pod / Eggs (to name a few), all of which can win by turn 3.
    The combo player has no place in magic anymore. Combos aren’t fun for those on the receiving end according to Wizards, so they ban those decks. 
    Banning BBE will do little to nothing to Jund, There is a multitude of interchangable 4 drops that will take her place. (perhaps not as good but not disabling the deck). Banning seething song completely kills storm.

    • Andrew Arnold

      @Adam the turn 3 kills you listed are interactive which I assume is the primary reason for the ban. I’ve played a lot of storm and it doesn’t really matter if your opponent has blockers or removal or overwhelming board presence. No counter? No turn 2 canonist? I win

  • TravisHall

    Jund will still be a tier 1 deck, but this gives control a chance to break through.

  • mtgeternal

    BBE ban makes total sense. When a deck without blue cards can really grind out–and have superior card advantage capabilities over–UW control lists with restoration angels, Geist of Saint Traft, Sun Titan, Blade Splicer, Kitchen Finks, etc., something needs to change. You had to do something about Jund’s dominance, and this card was one of the real backbreakers. Typically you have somewhere between 0-8 dead cascade targets which gives incredibly high percentages to give you 2 tier 1 spells for the cost of 1 card. Now if mana leaking a BBE countered the cascade as well, we probably wouldn’t be banning this card…but it doesn’t, and we are. Not to mention the rest of the deck is pretty bonkers too…

    • AbonCamus

      mtgeternal The uw pile that you speak of is a deck that hates card advantage to start with.  Don’t get me wrong- I suggested that BBE was the best card to ban to make modern interesting months ago, which was a comment made on this site, on one of the first articles about modern.  What I am getting at is that just because people suck at brewing Mondern control decks(read: putting a few Modern cards in a Standard deck) does not mean a card is in need of banning.  BBE isn’t even THAT good, but the average player is just THAT uninspired/bad, so to encourage some new ground to get broken, the r&d have to treat a card as though it was broken.  It is unlikely that any of the interesting blue cards will be unbanned any time soon now…pretty lame.

      • mtgeternal

        AbonCamus mtgeternal Well, the UW builds we’ve seen thus far may be pretty poorly built, but I don’t think you can say they hate card advantage. Blade Splicer, Finks, Wall of Omens, Sun Titan, are all card advantage engines, not to mention adding Restoration Angel into any of them or just using Angel to save creatures from removal in general…all are card advantage. The UW deck tries to grind other decks out by getting more value from its cards than the opponents do. I guess I don’t disagree that the UW decks haven’t been fantastic performers to this point, but I think you’re incorrect if you say they ‘hate’ card advantage.

        • AbonCamus

          @mtgeternal Sure, a handful of creatures offer card advantage by definition with built-in 2-4-1s, but this is creature deck card advantage.  I am talking about big boy card advantage that control decks use, which breaks the symmetry of WoGs.  Breaking even without doing anything to an opponent’s side of the table AND making their removal useful is about as far as one can get from what has defined most successful control decks’ strengths.  As someone who has played a lot of UW variants, I can say with certainty that one of the biggest issues with the horrible RestoSplicer piles is that the deck has virtually no ways to come back from any number of setbacks, which is something that is generally solved by raw card advantage.  I should’ve perhaps said written that proponents of the mentioned approach to uw hate card advantage, or perhaps have no clue what it is, because even the newest UWx pseudo-control strategy(uwr) to catch on has virtually no ways to come back either.

  • sefs

    BBE ban made sense to me and I was pleasantly surprised. If I lost in a top deck war to jund it was always to bloodbraid elf , drawing mana leak and them drawing blood braid elf is really lame, jund had too many efficient cards. Seething song was a total shocker…storm is a deck with so much hate against it I would never consider playing it online… that being said a lot of people do have at least a couple cards in their sideboard dedicated to beating storm….but still, I can’t remember the last time I legitimately lost to storm when playing u/w….I think wizards is catering to modern newbies by banning storm….not a fan….

    • sefs

      Also, about the turn 3 win thing…i was under the impression that if you weren’t playing a control deck your deck’s optimal play should win or guarantee a win turn 3 or your deck wasn’t viable in modern…..

  • AbonCamus

    Song getting banned wasn’t a surprise in hindsight because Jund was pretty much one of the only established competitive decks to use 1cc discard…c’mon people…not that hard to figure out…


    No surprises on BBE but Song? That kills Storm. Guess I don’t need Mind break Trap in SB now 🙂 *holds on to mutagenic for turn 2 infect kills*

  • Doomtomb

    BBE made sense. Seething Song did not. Banning Seething Song does not just suppress turn 3 kills, it kills it. Storm is basically dead without Seething Song. Guess they really don’t give a shit about killing a bunch of players’ favorite deck.

  • Killer of Wizards

    Ban Bloodbraid Elf is reasonable. The jund deck is too powerful.

    Banned Seething Song is simply because Wizards do not want the modern player to play the cheap decks. “Guys you need to pay more to enter the gate of Modern, it is not the game for the poor” – CEO of Wizard
    In fact, after banning “Ponder”, “Preordian”, and “Rite of Flames” the U/R storm deck is already almost unplayable. Now it means remove this deck from the history. What will be the next control deck? Second breakfast? In fact, by their own words, they are doing this for increasing the variety for Modern (really? a variety of creature-based decks?)