Chef Tony’s RUG Bannings Brew for the Frontier Showdown


Are you tired of Standard bans?

Face to Face Games’s very own Chef Tony has the perfect brew for you to dust off your Reflector Mages, Emrakuls, Marvels, etc. and have some fun in Frontier. This Sunday you can let loose your anger on the battlefield after having your last 40 Standard decks banned, at our Face to Face Games Toronto Frontier Sunday Showdown.

Here’s an official photo from the future of what you’ll be doing should you choose correctly and register this deck:

Here’s the perfect decklist to tilt-off about bannings with:

You’ve got it all here: Turn-four Emrakul, the Promised End, or you can spin your Marvel into Felidar Guardian to combo with your Saheeli Rai. After-board when it’s time to beat down against the control decks, there’s a pile of Smuggler’s Copters to send into the red-zone.

See you Sunday!