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  • uller30

    manadeprived derfington love bw decks and that made me laugh hard

    • manadeprived

      uller30 derfington Thanks for checking it out, Tyson!

  • PaperShaman

    derfington This one made me lol XD Love it!

  • CardboardWitch

    Lol, the winking/photobomb spirit face is the BEST Derf! 🙂

  • BenSalem

    Gotta say, I appreciate you staying true to her art and drawing the chair leg.

    • BenSalem

      (And by that, I mean the leg coming out of the back of the chair. Not an actual chairleg.)

  • PvtJet

    OMG the ability to navigate with next and previous.
    This is the best day ever.