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  • Irv Rai

    Nice durdle as usual. Though can someone help me on this.. I kinda don’t get this Celebration of Two Myr comic, and also is the green creature with hat Tarmogoyf? And also the thing on the middle right section color gray (cape?) with red body, who is that? 🙂

    • Patrick

      The two Myr reference Durdling Around’s first comic. Goyf is wearing a hat because in the comic “A Sad Fate For A Goyf,” a Goyf is Swords to Plowshares’d and is sent to a farm with a bunch of Goyfs, who invite him to “plow tha land!” The cape wearer is Urabrask the Hidden: in many of the comics, Urabrask is seen wearing a cape and saying, “You can’t Urabrask! Urabrask works in the shadows!”

      • Irv Rai

        I started reading “Durdling Around” around 100+ chapter. Now that you mention the first comic, I did checked it out ( and man, the comics back then was really hilarious! I loled too hard with Durdling Around #14 – Getting Along is Hard to do. Great work David Lee! Keep it up!