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  • daywreck

    awesome !!

  • Guest

    Beebee? BB? Bloodbraid elf? I still don’t see how that translates to “beebee”

    • Guest

      Blood Braid = BB
      Then probably typed as Bee-Bee because it’s nicer to read?
      (Note: I put a space in and capitalised braid to make it easier to see both b’s)

      • Guest

        @Guest He’s trolling you… he can’t actually be that stupid.

        • Guest

          @Guest That’s very nice of you, I was only asking because i din’t quite get it, but thanks for the friendly reply

    • Krablowski

      @Guest “BBE”

  • livewithfrank

    Grave Troll is like Bob from Fight Club. Love it Dave, another amazing piece!

  • skillgame

    Best part of this is that it makes Stoneforge looks like a dyke.

  • Nick Swan

    Lol ahahaha does she get her first coin?

  • cracklotus


  • heitorvrb

    They are jerks indeed! Why are you messing with Beebee? That poor thing…

  • BR Brawler