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  • kstube

    @derfington Ahhhhhh, I’m not even a big Commander guy, but this was insane! Good work as usual, Derf! @sanagi_byorori

    • derfington

      @kstube Thanks man! 😀

    • MonoBlackEDHMan

      That dragon is not broken as commander. He has to hit the yard, therefore somebody has to resurrect him or exile for him to be used again. Drana is more overpowered as a Commander than he is. Drana > Geth > Maga > Ob Nixilis > Kokoshu (or, as I like to call him, Cocoa Puffs). Cocoa Puffs there does no work one on one, while drana, geth, maga, and Obby both get there 1 v 1. In multiplayer, Drana will do much more work than Cocoa Puffs will ever do. So will Geth and Maga. All three of those commanders have the ability to say “Target player loses the game”. Cocoa Puffs says “I give myself some padding and don’t really take a chunk out of life totals.” Because every colour has access to life gain. Be it through equipment or not, every deck can gain life. Cocoa Puffs just SEEMS mean. Honestly? If I see a cocoa puffs hit the field, i don’t really care unless i’m at 5 life. and if i’m at 5 life, i’m doing something wrong anyway, so cocoa puffs isn’t my biggest concern.