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Posted by on Mar 3, 2011

Crazy Talk #1 – Introduction to Legacy

Crazy Talk #1 – Introduction to Legacy

Episode 001 – Introduction to Legacy

(To download file, right-click the link above and choose “Save As”)

In the debut episode of Crazy Talk, the crew go over the accessibility of Legacy and the many different archetypes that you will run into as you navigate through the jungle of this format.

Special guests:
Jon Medina
Big Head Joe

Crazy Talk:
Kar Yung Tom
Alexander Hayne
François Richard

  • Alexander Hayne

    If Medina asks you to borrow 2 Tundra, you say “Who are you, and what have you done to the REAL Jon Medina?”

  • This is fucking amazing, excellent job!!! I’m so going to promote this podcast on my page!!!

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  • KYT the clock Nazi VS. Medina the Captain of “Team America.” Awesome cast. Hoping for many more to come, François chimed in at the perfect times. This better become a weekly thing.

  • GJT

    KYT the new website looks sweet.

    The cast was very interesting as i am looking into playing legacy, just might be a bit put off if my opponents are going to be masturbating for most the game :oP

  • cpa13

    Effing hilarious cast guys. I’m glad KYT is branching out from the Eh-Team and bringing Medina along. Medina tells the best stories.

    I’m not much of a Legacy player these days but I found this extremely helpful when I thought about getting back in.

    Starcity Article

    I’m sure it’s super dated though. But a great jumping off point for Legacy n00bs?

    Keep it up. Looking forward to future casts.

  • Nice cast! Lookin’ forward to more. I’m just starting to think about Legacy, so this was well timed. I’m building me some Goblins, since I already had half the creature base from back in my Onslaught days. I liked the intro, and like more intro type stuff about Legacy.

    So… from what you said, there are just two archetypes in Legacy, Vial and Counterbalance?

    Also, the sexism and racism is kewl, I guess.

  • Franky Richard

    I guess we’ll need to cover the other archetypes, cause there’s definitely more than two!! lol

  • Kerrydan

    Great podcast! Don’t sweat the fact that you’re not Legacy experts. As a listener, I like that fact that your learning about the format will develop a step ahead of mine, so I’ll never be totally lost.

    You guys are making me want to play Legacy. Time to dust off some of my old Extended decks from back in the day!

    The core trio of KYT, Alex, and François have great chemistry, and guests like Medina and Big Head Joe will be integral to keeping with the “Learn Legacy With Us” theme to the cast. Good stuff!

  • Joël

    “…and I just think your some knowledge-less fool that just trades cards” Lmfao!