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Posted by on Jul 28, 2011

Crazy Talk #18 – Jonathan Medina, Combo Player

Crazy Talk #18 – Jonathan Medina, Combo Player

In this less-Alex episode, KYT and Frank welcome back their dear friend Medina as they talk about his SCG Cincinnati experience and then move on to discuss ALL FORMATS, including using Johnny, Combo Player in Commander.

Show Notes
Jupiter Games Videos
SCG Seattle decklists
SCG Cincinnati decklists

Crazy Talk
Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
François Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmetagame

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  • MtgVector

    The cast should stay focused on Legacy, and at most include Modern/Overextended. I literally took a nap while you guys were talking about standard. This cast has been branded as the PREMIER LEGACY CAST and should probably stay that way.
    KYT, while we were abandoned, I had to listen to the Eh Team to get my cast fix. You were talking about how excited you are about the future of Mtg information being delivered and particularly how awesome AJTV is. Despite the large number of video articles, it seems postcasts seems to be significantly more popular than videos and it got me thinking that maybe the next great thing is to narrate matches. The reason why I think this might be big is because I was listening to the cast while I was commuting, it was a 50 min commute, so I had some dead time that can only be filled by some audio aid. And like me, many people listens to podcasts (not only magic) while working on their daily routines. So if can get some sort of matches narrated and analyzed, I would definitely listen to that.

  • Less Standard, less EDH, more Legacy.

  • Richard Laurie

    I gotta go with the people here. there is so much on standard and commander. this is CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYTALK that’s a motto for Legacy 😉

  • We hold monthly 3k North Eastern Legacy Championship Qualifier Tournaments at Jupiter Games in Vestal, NY. The next 4 are August 13, September 10, October 15, and November 5. Some of our regulars include Eli Kassis, Adam Barnello, Doug McKay, Dan Jordan, and GP Prov. champ James Rynkiewicz

  • Kar Yung Tom

    @Adam Wilson

    What is up Adam? Are you the owner of Jupiter Games? A tournament organizer?

  • Eli Kassis is the co-owner (he’s top 8-ed a few SCG’s recently, played in the finals vs. Alix Hatfield in the match a few months ago where Hatfield ripped Time Spiral ftw after like 3 Hymns, if you remember that). I’m on staff there, and work all the Legacy events. Info about our NELC series can be found here-

    and our events calender is here-

    I don’t like name dropping, but both James Rynkiewicz (whose name was pronounced perfectly on your podcast, bravo) and Alex Bertoncini have stated that the field is more stacked at our Legacy events than at SCG Legacy Opens. The talent is certainly more compact, which adds to the difficulty level.

  • Ryan Green is the other co-owner, for the record.

  • Drew

    Great cast guys!


    I’m psyched for the new T-Shirts they look awesome. I’m just sad I couldn’t get one in time to wear it at the SCG.


    So great that you’re back on the cast. Alex carried the show admirably in your absence but you just can’t replace Medina. Often imitated, never duplicated.


    Blatant baller is blatant. I really have nothing to say besides Frank is just Frank. Solid like a brick… of gold.

    I agree that you guys should definitely stay mainly Legacy oriented even though I didn’t mind the foray into Standard, Modern, and Commander. Meeting Smitty at SCG Seattle was definitely cool. He’s a lot taller in real life than I pictured him to be but I guess I just wasn’t sure what to expect really. I think it was funny that he didn’t put 2 and 2 together and realize that I was the same Drew from here on the comments since I comment on like every Eh Team and Crazy Talk that goes up and I’m pretty sure he got my email address from one of my comments, but that’s Smitty for ya lol.

    I really want to write up a tourny report for the SCG and I hope to find some time to do that either Saturday night or Sunday. Even though I didn’t do very well I think I gained a ton of knowledge and I can deliver some good info for the readers. Also I have a couple baller stories to tell from my friend who did awesomely and nearly finished in the money (if he hadn’t punted so hard in game 3 of the final match =/).

    Love all you guys. Can’t wait till next weeks cast when hopefully the Fearsome Foursome are back together.

    I’m ptq’ing tomorrow with caw blade so wish me luck.


  • Bret

    Ive been thinking about the manaless dredge deck, What is your guys oppinion of having a transformable sideboard, turning it into a semi-normal dredge deck?

  • Kar Yung Tom


    Thanks for leaving us a comment, first of all. I am not sure it would be worth it. Are you really making yourself any more resilient to their sideboard hate?

  • Bret


    I’ve been thinking of maybe Undiscovered Paradise to hit the Bloodghast landfall everyturn if needed, you also open yourself to leyline answers. Personally, i dont feel comfortable scooping to a single card everytime. My meta before people moved on was full of leylines. Once the decks get good people start packing REAL hate, im sure many metas are the same And with the cause and effect of rising popularity of Legacy causing prices to skyrocket, things like Affinity and Dredge are going to become insanly popular just for the low cost of entry.(just like Medinas mom OHHHHHH)

    Also the deck is just like goblins and merfolk. It has such synergy that messing with just a few cards changes the entire scope of the deck (goblins: add to many things it messes with your ringleaders. Merfolk: change a few things and it greatly messes with your tempo) So having a sideboard along these lines makes since. And having like 10 Dread Return targets is just a bad idea. I can understand maybe 2-3 tagets in board (things like Platinum Emperion, Llawan, Terastodon, or maybe Elesh Norn if your metas agro heavy)

    All this being said ive been trying to figure out what would be in it. I think 8 lands (4 undiscovered paradise, 4 cephelid Coliseum) and maybe 4 chain of Vapors, leaving you with 3 spots for targets. If you think you only need 2 you could something like 3 chains and 2 Natures Claims. However, the Claims and Coliseums are a bit difficult to pull off when you have so few lands that produce the required colors. So perhaps the claims are too hard to pull off. Im still working on it, would love to hear what your guys oppinions are of my idea.

  • oatestwder

    I loved this cast guys! it was great to hear about johns adventures at scg. more frank, more kyt, more medina! i was fine with the amount of legacy, it was great. i’ve just built manaless dredge so i cant wait to test!

  • You could talk about golf if you wanted and it would still be awesome because of Frank and Medina. Also, woo name drop! 😀

  • Hey guys, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the cast. I actually don’t play legacy at all, but I listen to every crazy talk, so it is cool listening to you talk about other formats and junk. Keep up the good work.

  • For those of you whining about the lack of Legacy talk.

    Quit it.

    You know that this cast was awesome! Give in to the truth!

    Love you long time.

  • Richard Laurie

    Busting balls #moremadina style. and god dammit If I want to whine I’ll whine, it’s the French in me!

  • Great cast. I don’t mind the talk about other formats. The EDH talk was kinda meh for me.

  • John Circone

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the cast. This is my first time posting but I have listened since episode 1. I enjoy playing legacy more than any other format except possibly EDH. I have been playing for years but I always learn something new listening to you guys. I think you guys really need to try and sync your schedules because the best shows seem to be the ones where all 4 of you are on. I know easier said than done. Anyway keep up the great work.