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Posted by on Aug 25, 2011

Crazy Talk #19 – Medina Confession Hour, Part 1

Crazy Talk #19 – Medina Confession Hour, Part 1

Part 1 of a 3 hour long podcast with special guest Drew Levin. The boys go over Medina’s 2-Entomb Reanimator deck before getting into the more serious topic of cheating. Confessions from Medina and Frank included. This one is a hot one!

Show Notes
SCG St. Louis Game Coverage
Alex Bertoncini’s Deck List

Special Guest
Drew Levin @drew_levin

Crazy Talk
Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
François Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmetagame

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  • Joshua Lemish

    Amazing episode, any chance to post the link to the vid of Alex playing the sower of temptation game 1?

  • François Richard

    Hey Josh,

    The links are up. There’s no videos as far as I know, but the game was nonetheless covered by Bill Stark

  • Alan

    Are you 100% certain Alex’s decklist was posted correctly? Many of his other Merfolk lists have a Sower main over one of the Sovereigns, and I know some of my lists have been posted incorrectly on SCG and elsewhere.

    More generally, these allegations should be sent directly to the DCI, not reported on a podcast. If you’re wrong, you’re doing him a great disservice, and even if you’re right, making this information public will not help their investigation.

  • joel

    awesome cast… where is part 2… KYT do it up.

    Please continue to make allegations, and report such things on a podcast. It’s like the news but for Magic. Lets hear some Modern talk!

  • Pich

    There is an error ;

    ”The boys go over Medina’s 2- ————–Exhume——– Reanimator deck ”

    Entomb. Not Exhume.

  • Bret

    im not even going to comment on all the alex b. hate, but besides that great cast guys. Id love to hear what you guys think about the Vintage Champs. The Sun Titan build of dredge seems to be a cool idea, I’ve been working on a Legacy port, Its actually fairly good

  • Oatestwder

    This was a great cast guys, I gotta say I love not knowing when the next crazy talk is coming, and then geting hit with a great episode like this is sweet!
    I wont comment on the Alex B talk as i’m to ignorent on the subject to offer a valid opinion but If its all true something should definetly be done.
    Again Drew is a great guest, he always comes off as an itellegent guy and this was no diffrent. Great to hear him on the cast again.

    some great calls by frank in there as well! more KYT, more Alex, more frank, more medina!

    and put up the second half so we can hear about modern!

  • George Will

    Why isn’t this on the MTGCast site?

  • Vincent Thibeault

    One of the most honest discussions about cheating I heard on mtg podcasts. You guys can be hilarious at time, and then also pretty damn serious and on the spot. Frank always has the funniest stories and Hayne lives up to his reputation of «insaine Hayne», franternising with bear cubs and self-teaching himself calculus. There are great group dynamics between the members of the cast.

    And this episode was simply dynamite and when some stuff is put out there on the public place there is a lot more chance than something is done about it.

  • Darren

    No Zune feed?

  • “I was playing a B/W sealed and drew a Forest”

    Truly, a king among men

  • Jim

    Seems those allegations against Bertoncini were completely accurate, eh?