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Posted by on Sep 8, 2011

Crazy Talk #21 – What We Are Dying to Tell You

Crazy Talk #21 – What We Are Dying to Tell You

KYT, Alex, Frank and Medina talk about Planeswalker points, Pro Tour Philadelphia and of course, the Medina vs. Hayne showdown that took place at GP Pittsburgh. Alex had to beat Medina 7 games out of 7. Did he do it?

Crazy Talk
Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
Fran├žois Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmetagame

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  • Oatestwder

    hahaha i have only listened to the intro but I just had to post it was so good! go alex! lvl 42 battlemage!

  • Jonas S

    A great listen, a lof of personality coming through in this episode.

    Though I could have had more Legacy talk. The sideboarding discussion was good (although if you take out the NO Combo and FoW that’s 9 slots, which means you have to bring in stuff like Ancient Grudge, and then you still have to keep your Dazes in the NO deck, yuck).

    I would like to hear more discussions like these.

  • Bret

    yup nother great cast guys

  • Bret

    Oh and @moreFrank as long as he gets my ex-wife off my ass

  • Great cast guys.

    Less Medina / Alex feuding though. Definitely agree with KYT saying it felt like episode 2 again.

    Love you guys though.


  • Fabulous

    I gotta say every time I listen to you guys I want to play legacy. I have to fight the urge to stop though since in Ontario there’s hardly any tourneys to attend and therefore it would be a waste. Nonetheless I’m starting a zoo deck. Fuck you guys ­čÖé keep up the great episodes!

    More medina and Alex actually conversing without insulting each other. U guys had a great chat going there for awhile. And kyt, bro did u fall asleep? Frankie must have been cooking pastas since I couldn’t hear him lol

  • Kar Yung Tom


    I muted my mic by accident at times, but for the most part, it had to do with me not having anything to contribute. I had not played Legacy for the longest time.

  • Richard

    Great Episode guys *thumbs up* – now that im on leave i can catch up on the shows i missed.

  • John Circone

    The best part of this cast was the sideboarding discussion with the merfolk, NO Rug and reanimator decks. This is what I tune in to Crazy Talk for. Don’t get me wrong, all the banter is great but please include more Legacy content and match analysis discussions. After all this is the “Premier” Legacy Podcast.