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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012

Crazy Talk Special

The Crazy Talk crew reunite for one special night. The episode focuses on Alex’s activities in Barcelona, namely his experience playing in the Bazaar of Moxen.

Special Guest
Mark Sun @AllSunsDawn

Crazy Talk
Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
Fran├žois Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmedina

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  • JoshuaLemish

    Was awesome to listen to, not sure why KYT waited so long but thanks for this guys.

  • justin_dz

    @manadeprived YEEEESSSSSSS

  • RealEvilGenius

    @manadeprived finally

  • benc86

    @manadeprived bout fucking time….was afraid I’d actually have to work

  • GassyGnoll

    @manadeprived finally!! A crazy talk episode I haven’t heard 6 or 7 times!! #crazytalk #manadeprived #MOREMEDINA

  • TysonLowery

    OO SNAP finaly WHOOT this is what got me into Legacy

  • uller30

    @manadeprived man its gone beem working all day and now its 404 error