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  • hamiltonianurst

    Probably one of the first MtG comics I have ever legitimately laughed at.

  • JoshuaLemish

    HAHAHAHAHA! too good 🙂

  • Brian Ziemba

    time of the month?

  • Kenny Fung

    I think I said “What a twist!” several times in this.

  • livewithfrank

    I’m a big fan of Ren & Stimpy and this strip has a certain quality that reminds me of it.

  • Fabulous

    Would have laughed harder if the “flap” was “fap” 🙂

  • BackstreetDV

    cool 🙂 i really like style of drawing

  • Kerrydan

    So wait, which cameo is Jack Lacroix? The guy drinking coffee, the guy with the iPhone, or the guy dressed as Joven?