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  • Lucky Draw

    Fork you. Ha!

  • Outcast Searcher

    Nice draft, Travis. I always enjoy watching your drafts.

    A few comments, since I love the Floodtide Serpent and actually like drafting red/blue with BTT.

    1). Aqueous form is amazing on Floodtide Serpent, since it can throw things like Fate Foretold from another creature like the Wavecrash Triton AND attack with impunity. (Drawing cards and repeated heroic tricks are both really nice).

    2). Since your deck wasn’t that fast, I don’t understand the allure of playing the 2/1 dudes. They were just weak and died easily, except when you were in the aggro mode, which seemed inconsistent to me.

    3). Thassa’s Emissary is just AMAZING on a dude with a lot of Toughness. So bestowing it on Wavecrash Triton is terrific as it makes a 4/7 dude to swing and kill something or draw a card. (You just seemed eager to get it out fast and leave it vulnerable, considering how great bestowing it can be).

    4). I don’t understand why the double first striking combat trick of Coordinated Assault for 1 red is bad when you are trying to swing on the ground. You get up to two heroic triggers, it’s dirt cheap, and often it costs him a dude or two and saves one or two of yours. I call that pretty sweet.

    Anyway, keep up the good work on recording the BTT drafts.

  • Out Tapped

    I think you commited to early to red after the two bolts (which is fully understandable). Red seemed like the least open color. Green was pretty open in the first pack and in the second pack you could still have jumped over to BU after picking the keepsake gorgon.