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  • chad

    Holy cow! “Choke in your sleep”…what an awful thing to say over a game of magic. You handled it well man, keep up the good work.

    • Outcast Searcher

      Karma. Someone who behaves like that all the time should ponder it.

  • SasquatchDreams

    Great draft, great deck. Wouldn’t mind seeing you take 30 seconds or so to think about questionable hands. I prefer to look at it as what can I do? rather than what can I draw. All in all, you’re killing it otherwise. Keep it up.

    Agree with Chad, way to keep your cool.

    • Travis Sowers

      Thank you all for the kind comments 🙂 I agree with you, Sasquatch. I think that’s the area I have the most potential for growth in. Thinking about what a hand can do with out counting on any particular draws. Thanks again 🙂