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Posted by on Feb 10, 2014

The Eh Team #166 – It’s For the Kids

The Eh Team #166 – It’s For the Kids

Episode 166 has the Eh Team looking at the Banned List updates in Modern. Scotty mourning Deathrite Shaman, but all three guys are excited to play the now wide-open format and see how it shakes out for the upcoming Pro Tour. KYT got out to a Born of the Gods Prerelease, twice. Thoughts on what BNG has added to the Limited format. How Mono Black and UW Control are positioned in the new Standard metagame, and how good a deck like Red Green Xenagos or Prophet Bant could be. Looking forward to watching the weekend’s coverage of the Super Sunday Series. Why Jeremey is shaving his head on Valentine’s Day. Scotty weighs in on the recent banning of Sylvan Primordial for Commander.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • nick

    Jer has pink hair & comes out of the closet(pantry) once a week. Is this a cry for attention? Jk I kid I kid, missing Jays rants! Another solid ep. Mad respect for you Jeremy great cause!

    Thanks for the content! Cheers guys!

  • chomby

    KYT – can we get an Asian Life update next week? They are always hilarious.

  • Guest

    In testing for the PT Spintertwin is terrible it was terrible before it didn’t get any better. The Rock decks are still good and they still beat it and the Zoo decks crush it and pod crushes it and its good matchup tron is almost gone

  • Brendan

    Great show as usual It’s awesome to hear modern talk again. Any chance of you guys commenting on Real Life Meta vs MTGO meta now that Scotty is MTGO exclusive and KYT is doing both?

  • Adrian Avant

    Alright KYT, here it is. I made it! I never had the time or patience to deal with discus I guess but since the fuckin plow guy never showed up and I ended up sitting at the end of my driveway waiting for him I guess I had the time. The site was looking strange from my iPhone but looks better from my iPad. That could be because I was a good 100 feet (or roughly 30 meters maybe?) from my router so I kept having to struggle with the damn thing. But fuck it, right? I got time. I mean the plow guy doesn’t need to be bothered with the idea of cleaning the place out because people have work or anything. So I took the time to deal with the process to comment because sitting outside, it’s not like I can pay any attention to building the deck I want to play at Sunday legacy. I mean if I am going to be all bugged out, why do anything enjoyable? Oh, because I get tied tight, that’s right. And just maybe if I don’t petals of insight and tendrils of agony someone with omni-show I get really frustrated with a jerry Garcia looking prick who can’t be bothered to do his job. One last question, do you think they have magic in prison?

    Keep calm and breathe…


  • Mathematrickster

    Ok KYT. Here it is. I guess I just had to set up an account with disqus and finally had the time at the end of my driveway since the plow guy never showed up. Sorry this one is so brief. Just burnt out at the moment.

  • Anthony Petuya

    Great episode, but the one with Alex is still my favorite. I enjoyed hearing about KYT’s ptq experience and all the standard / modern talk. You guys just have to talk about legacy more =( I can’t wait for the next one, keep up the good work.

  • Mathematrickster

    Alright, so I almost ripped the plow guy out of his truck the other night so I went and got a snow blower today. It was a little hard explaining to the wife that the snow blower might be cheaper than attorney fees but since the question was how much was that snowblower and not how much was that tarmogoyf, I guess I’ll deal with that. She has a nice place to park when she gets home and maybe I can call that a valentines present but she might not. Good thing she has a dozen roses to go along with it. I like the request below for legacy but I think we have already heard jays opinion about the format. Maybe manadeprived could just use some legacy talk in general. The only legacy podcast I can find is out of the UK which has been cool. They are young at the moment with 16 episodes but it has been cool to check out. Maybe I’ll just throw some legacy comments up from the games I’m playing here if any gives a flying rats ass. I am lucky here where Sunday I go to a store that does legacy followed by modern. It is cool with me because I can play sneak and show and then goryo’s vengeance or merfolk then take out force of will and play merfolk, or tin fins and then goryo’s vengeance. Anyway, I guess I felt like I short changed you guys on the last comment I left but knew it becomes easier after the first time. So now that I popped my comment cherry this can just ooze all over the place. I still can’t believe I’ve been listening since crazy talk and never thought to check for a Facebook page.

  • Mathematrickster

    Damn, my comments keep ending on my iPad. Anyway, you guys are awesome and if you ever get the chance to bring Frankie on from time to time that would be cool too. He is a fuckin riot!!! Looking forward to GP Boston although I am sure I will scrub out since I’ve never actually played in a GP. Anyway, it valentines day and wifey just got home so I am gonna go gives some kisses.