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Posted by on Feb 17, 2014

The Eh Team #167 – Super Sunday, Seriously

The Eh Team #167 – Super Sunday, Seriously

KYT, Scott, and Jeremey welcome a guest who could arguably be called the best Canadian Magic player not yet on the Pro Tour, Andy Peters! Andy talks about his experience at the inaugural $20,000 Super Sunday Series, where after going undefeated in the swiss he was stopped only in the semi-final by eventual winner Owen Turtenwald, earning him 3rd place overall. The guys talk about the deck Andy played, the new Born of the Gods Standard, and even take a new Standard deck for a live spin online!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Andrew Fielder

    An audio only play test, certainly more entertaining and enjoyable than I would ever have expected.

    • Should we do this again? It’s actually not as hard to follow as I thought.

      • Andrew Fielder

        I certainly would like to hear it again.

        It was not difficult to follow and the discussion of the lines of play amongst you guys was definitely interesting.

        I think that the one thing that made this interesting was that the deck was an unknown quantity to everyone. This is such that no-one had preconceived ideas of how the deck should perform.

        I think that if you do it with new decks to the meta or brews with potential, then I think it can be successful. However I would only do it if you guys are genuinely interested in a given deck (like this one), otherwise no-one will really gain anything from it (as no-one is invested in the success /failure of the deck).

        Sorry for the rambling.

      • Bruce Lee

        DO IT AGAIN!

      • Pineappl

        I definitely enjoyed hearing each person give their input to the different lines of play.

  • Bruce Lee

    “I’m taking a red eye flight so that I can’t be completely shit-bagged before I get on the train, then go judge that night.”
    “That’s a true hero.”
    “No that’s a true idiot. … But it will be awesome.”

    Can this be the new Jeremy quote?

  • Eric Y

    A few weeks ago, I would never have thought I would say this… but… I miss Jay. WTF? I hope that joben is doing well. Nice cast homies.

  • Craig D

    It’s hard to say, but this was probably the worst Eh Team cast I’ve ever listened to. While a bad Eh Team is usually better than a good (insert any other Magic cast here), this one was, at points painful. So many awkward pauses leading to lulls in the chat, and there’s really only so many times you can listen to Scotty saying ‘alright’ before it starts to grate.

    The only reason I mention this is because your usual body of work is just so, so much better than this. I’m hopeful that a) this is a blip and/or b) this was just due to lack of preparation.

  • Dan G

    Thanks for the shout out bro

  • Brendan

    Great cast! Andy was an awesome guest.

  • Mathematrickster

    Okay, hmm, where to begin…
    the show was good right up until sneep, keep or ditch turned into an audio commentary of a standard match but I suppose I could have just scolled through. I just wouldn’t want to. I might have found it more interesting if it was another format like standard or legacy but that is just because I don’t play standard so I really have no idea of what I was hearing. That is about my comment for the show but since someone mentioned legacy in the comments last week, I will tell you all a story.
    I play legacy and love it. I look forward to playing all week but that is not the point of this story. This, ya see, is a scumbag story. I love to play at a local store and look forward to it all week. I play legacy and then modern and it is usually a good time. I spend most of the week building 2 decks to play and then Sunday is my day to enjoy.
    I went to the LGS sunday with shardless BUG in hand with a few tweeks and a few in board to prep for the local meta and had goryo’s vengeance for modern.
    Round 1 I beat U/B Reanimator after siding in 2 surgical extractions and a grafdiggers cage.
    Round 2 matched against patriot delver and while we ended up in turns, I had Liliana and Jace on the board but the guy let me have it as I looked to ultimate Jace and Liliana at tun 6.
    I then beat Grixis Delver with an intense wasteland war in game 2 but managed to get a life from the loam going and took the match back.
    Then I faced what I like to consider the best player in the shop. He usually won’t play the same deck 2 weeks in a row and told me what he was playing. Lands!. I knew this was going to be a long game. I managed to waste the dark depths and surgical them in game 2.
    Then we cut to top 4 and that is when the scumbag story really begins.
    I was matched against the same player I beat in round 1. The U/B reanimator deck. I go to play and I love playing but everyone else in the shop always wants to split at that point. He had a headache, but I wanted to play. I declined to split and opted to play. He was angry and decided that this match was going to be awkward and disgruntled. He beats me game 1. Game 2, same as earlier. Entomb Griselbrand and I surgical Extract them.
    Now the scumbag part.
    Game 3 and he has a tidespout tyrant on the board. I have a shardless agent, a tarmogoyf and landed a baleful strix. he seems to be drawing nothing as I also have a deathrite on board (matched to his pithing needle). Any spell he casts keeps him triggerring the tyrant to bounce one of my lands.
    Then the turning point. I have only been playing since Innistrad as I originally stopped at fallen empires so was unfamiliar with this play. He casts Chain of vapor. to bounce my academy ruins. I sac my verdant catacombs to bounce his tidespout tyrant. He then asks if he can counter my copy. I didn’t think he could and the judge ended up calling it the same way with a no. Some of the other guys around were unsure also and I never did actually stop to read the card. I just let him pick up the tidespout. The rest of the story doesn’t matter too much as the point was to share a scumbag story in which I was the scumbag.
    Anyway, I am now trying to track the guy down and give him the store credit slip as after I left, I looked it up and realized that he had a bad call. I always thought that chain of vapor has a resolution occurance and never realized tc as a potential target for a counterspell.
    anyway, just figured I would comment and share a story.
    If another audio commentary of a magic game would occur though, I would appreciate the attempt to handle modern if possible.
    Thanks guys,

  • Eric Tremblay

    Thanks for sharing the scumbag story! People might think that I actually did something to get exiled from that place but that’s truly not the case! On a brighter note, I get to listen to the Eh Team while driving to Edmonton.Warp 2 is amazing, spent $65 dollars last two GPTs. Lost in the finals in one and lost in the quarter-finals the second one. Total booster packs… 39! Fuck yeah!