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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014

The Eh Team #168 – El Return of Juan Boosh

The Eh Team #168 – El Return of Juan Boosh

Something’s new around The Eh Team this week? Could it be…? The Boosh is back! Jeremey explains Hot Pot. Jay shares his first observations about the new Theros block draft. And Boosh is going to become a Magic commentator! While KYT played Mono Black at another Standard PTQ, Scott has been sharpening Jund Monsters for an upcoming Grand Prix Trial. Jeremey wants people to put down the pitchforks when it comes to high level play mistakes. The team make their Pro Tour Pro draft for Born of the Gods in Valencia this weekend.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Polish Tamales


  • Aaron Tomes

    ^Damn you!

  • Øystein Kålås

    Good episode guys; loving the new intro and awesome to have Boosh back! But what happenend to the Jeremey Donation Raffle??

  • ultratribes

    Speaking of streams, I’ve been watching happymtg’s twitch channel. They don’t have any commentators (and it’s from Japan), but they have a good setup and you get to see all the weird shit that the Japanese do. I’d say at least half of the time you get to see some off-the-grid deck, and I find it inspiring to not just play someone else’s exact 75. The best part about it is you can just watch the VOD’s and fast forward through the dead air.

    I’ve seen that zachsellsmagic thing once or twice, but I wasn’t impressed. I watched it a long time ago, so maybe they have improved a little. I don’t like that sideways camera angle; I prefer looking straight down on the table.

    I can’t wait to watch Jay cast an event. I’d watch a grass growing contest if Jay was commentating. In a miracle scenario, I think Jay and Scott would be an unbelievable casting duo, and with some practice, could be better than Cedric and Pat. Just remember, Cedric and Pat don’t have 160+ podcast episodes under their belt, and in my opinion, *no one* has more personality than the Eh Team. However, I think someone like SCG would ruin it because they would have to censor Jay.

    Courser of Kruphix: I’m torn on the number of these to play; 3 or 4? The card is very good, so I want to draw it every game, but the second one is almost useless. It feels like the worst thing in the world to have it in your hand or even in play when you already have another one.

    I’m not sold on Reaper of the Wilds. I’ll admit that I haven’t actually played with it, but I’ve watched others play with it. I don’t think it’s bad; it’s just good in different situations compared to Ghor Clan. I like Ghor clan because it’s simply just easier to win games. Reaper is like driving a bulldozer in a Nascar race. It isn’t going to win the race, but you better not get near it or you will get crushed.

    Vraska is good, and I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all, but here’s my ordeal with that card: It contends with the dragon and Xenagos God spot, and I think Vraska is worse than both of those cards. I think Chandra is a better sideboard card against control because you are replacing your clunky 4 drop slot post board (some number of Polukranos), and it leaves your 5 drop slot for Dragon and the God. Not to mention you are already raising your curve with Ruric Thar or Rakdos Return.

  • damancy

    Jay and Scotty, as much as I love you guys, please don’t diss Chinese cuisine.

    Just because you are not culturally accustomed to eating intestines of animals, doesn’t mean they are trash.

    Just like how in the 1800’s, feeding lobsters to prisoners was seen as cruel and unusual punishment because lobsters are seen as the same as cockroaches. The same for potatoes, as they were seen by the Americans in the 1850’s as only fit for the pigs, and not human.

  • Kim

    I am somewhat amazed that KYT is not aware of some of the Chinese cuisine and traditions. Check with Grandpa?

    As for hot pot, think of it as the Chinese version of fondue, where, rather than cheese, you have a broth to cook your meats, vegetables and noodles. In Edmonton, there are a handful of places, most of them near Chinatown: 97 Hot Pot, Urban Shabu, Bangkok Restaurant, Asian Express Hot Pot, Kings Noodle & Hot Pot, among others. However, I personally rather go to Vancouver for this.

    Jay, Scotty, probably Jeremey didn’t sell you hot pot that well. Quite often people will go for sliced beef, sliced lamb or marinated chicken. Not everybody is up for offal. With that said, don’t diss it either. They have an unique taste and texture. For example, foie gras which is usually associated as a rich, decadent dish is literally duck or goose liver. On the flip side, feel free to diss it: that keeps it cheap for the rest of us who do like offal.

  • Mathematrickster

    Good show and it was good to hear Boosh back. While he went to Punta
    Cana during the winter (which seems smart) I on the other hand, had my
    girl prod me to go to up state Vermont in the winter. While I can’t be
    sure if this is anything like Canada, I know I am not far away. Still,
    while here, I figured I would check out all the card shops I could find
    in the area and see if I can find anything. I have now searched through
    this area and where I am from and still cannot find a regular Ad
    Nauseam. I have been trying to put the deck together for a little bit
    now for modern and as I was in a store the other night (slightly too
    late to register for modern) I saw someone actually playing the deck and
    as I was standing behind him looking at his hand (containing 3 copies
    of angel’s grace) while he was playing against Tron, I had to ask myself
    “Do I really want to build this deck?”. I did manage to see someone
    playing, what looked like Grisel-Bros. I also managed to catch someone
    on a bye and played a few games with him. It was cool, but I don’t think
    he had even seen Fury of the Horde.
    A few nights later (last night
    actually), I went to a different store to do a draft (which I haven’t
    done in a bit) and had, what I thought was a good pool after, where I
    got 2 Soldier of the Pantheon, 1 Spear of Heliod and 1 Hundred-Handed
    Anyway Guys, Good show.
    Any thoughts on a modern version of the Sneep, Keep or Ditch?