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Posted by on Mar 3, 2014

The Eh Team #169 – Liquid Launch

The Eh Team #169 – Liquid Launch

The Eh Team congratulates Edmonton’s Shaun McLaren for winning Pro Tour Born of the Gods, and Jacob Wilson and the rest of Team Face to Face for their great PT results. How the race for captain of World Magic Cup 2014 Team Canada is now really shaping up to be a race. Interesting cards and Modern decks from the PT. Scotty educates the rest of the team on all things Zoo. This episode, the Eh Team has the distinguished pleasure of introducing not one, not two, but FOUR spoilers for the upcoming release of Booze Cube 2.0. Say hello to… Liquid Mana! (see below). Scott gets to be the scumbag in his own Scumbag Story. And finally, KYT and Jeremey sell Jay on the intricacies of Mono-Black Devotion in Standard as a choice for Born of the Gods Game Day.

Afternoon Delight Manly Treefeller

Castrate Im Batman


**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Aaron Tomes

    Liquid mania is sooooo sweet!

  • DXIEdge

    Where is this MTG Alberta site? Also are Jay and Jeremey going to the PTQ in Calgary this weekend?

    • Jeremey Schofield

      its a facebook group. Just look for mtg alberta

  • ultratribes

    Traveling to events is a tough decision. It’s like, you want to go to every single
    one, but then you think about the price to go and your stomach sinks, and then
    you feel sad and mad at the same time. I didn’t go to FNM because the gas to drive 15 minutes is worth way more than anything you could get out of FNM. However, the store I used to go to moved to a different location…literally a 30 second drive from my work. I would walk from my work to the store if it wasn’t for the dirty strip club right next to it. I don’t want to get mugged at 11pm walking back to my car.

    My experience playing against mono black has taught me that there is seemingly very little skill involved. They always have the turn 1 thoughtseize, they always go all in on pack rat ignoring any potential blow out situations because “they don’t give a shit” (that’s their reason when I ask them about playing so loose), and it doesn’t matter how well I’m drawing because they just play 3 gray merchants in a row and win.

    There is one good thing about the store that I play at: most people admit when they have made a mistake or miss a trigger and blame themselves rather than their opponent. I was playing against UW control, and this guy was going to win with Aetherling in a few turns. He plays it with 1 mana up and passes. I play a Dreadbore so I can attack with a few guys, desperately trying to get in as much damage as possible and hoping to top deck and hoping he doesn’t draw anything. So he removes it with the ability, I attack and then pass the turn. He untaps….stares for a second, then says “shit”. I proceed to win the game 6 turns later. After the game I said that I was probably going to let him have his Aetherling anyway if he asked me, but after further conversation we both agreed that it is wrong to do that because we should just admit to a mistake and try to learn from it instead of being greedy and selfish about it.

    I am guilty of missing triggers too. I missed an Obzedat trigger, admitted to it and let it remain exiled. I didn’t even ask my opponent if I could have it back because it would make me feel worse. I don’t understand the psyche of people that don’t feel guilty about stuff like this.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Game day because it was 7 degrees out (30 is freezing) and the pain of walking to my front door to my car would be too much.

    I miss Jay’s magic stories. Ever since he quit playing, we never hear any ranting about how shitty the game is 🙂

  • Mathematrickster

    Enjoyed the show. I’ve been trying to build the Ad Nauseam deck myself and still can’t find the fourth copy of Ad Nauseam for it.

    Glad you guys weren’t anywhere near the 96 car pileup in Toronto (not that I have any idea on the geographical location in Canada) but hopefully you all were unaffected regardless. It almost looked like the original artwork on “Wrath of God”.

    I should try to take Scotty’s suggestion and drop 30 pounds. Does a 30 pound skeleton end up with a 30 inch dick? I imagine women would find it like riding a bicycle with no seat where they just can’t feel you anywhere else.
    Jeremy was right!
    I don’t know what a “took” is. It must not be cold enough down here. Looking back, I wonder if you all must have wondered why I didn’t buy a snowblower last July. Either way, even an eh-team took would be cool but I am still trying to figure out the easiest way to just purchase eh-team and heavy meta hoodies.
    I have a tendency to wear hoodies. Especially when it is something i’m interested in like Sons of Anarchy and shit but not some areopostle or whatever the hell that company’s name is. I was actually wearing my mana deprived t-shirt at work one friday and the human resources director saw it and asked my “What is Man Deprived?”.

    Of Course, he had no idea, but the way the question sounded was so awkward. It was almost as awkward as trying to explain to him what Magic was to begin with. Skip that shit!

    I am still hoping to pick up a hoodie or two if both exist when you guys hit Grand Prix Boston. Although I might lose my mind if everyone asked me why I was so Man Deprived. Might just be good at, like, Sunday legacy and shit.
    I would still be interest to hear you guys do an audio run of a modern deck the way you did a couple weeks ago.
    I am still on Goryo’s Vengeance but am thinking of breaking apart Shardless BUG to play the list I saw using Tarmogoyf and Splinter Twin. Maybe put Sneak and Show or Omni-Show with the Burning Wish sideboard back together.

    Damn, I miss CrazyTalk!
    Any thoughts on hosting another Legacy/Modern podcast on the site? I mean, New Jersey is in November. Geographically, I know that is closer to Canada than Atlanta was and I am sure Boosh is excited to play legacy since he talks about it with such fondness.
    If the general concensus is that Modern is/has become “Legacy light”, imagine playing with the real fun cards like Ponder, Preordain, Jace TMS, Sensei’s Divining Top, Glimpse of Nature.
    Jeremy mentioned Cheerios in modern and I thought he was gonna discuss another deck. I lost in modern to this shit (before returning Mindbreak Trap to my board).

    Turn 1 – Gemstone Mine, Accorder’s Shiel times two, Mox Opal, Puresteel Paladin
    Turn 2 – City of Brass, Riddlesmith, every 0-drop equipment and a Grapeshot.

    Fuckin reprint Force of Will for Modern. This is Stupid. I am left with Pact of Negation in Goryo’s Vengeance (which has been so good following a Rakdos Charm when Splinter Twin tries to Combo out). “How many tokens?”.
    Pact was also fun in Merfolk with Trickbind for the trigger if needed. It seems like nobody in modern expects you to trickbind their fetchland. Stifle taught me that shit. Now I just do it at split-second. I haven’t played enough against pod but I do wonder if it makes them restart the chain after they sacrifice.
    Pact and Mindbreak Trap seem to be my best options. Pact for the combo deck that needs to force it through and Mindbreak Trap against any combo deck trying to cast more than one spell.
    It just seems to be my options. I’m not saying it’s good. I’m just saying too much!

    Later Guys,


    • You are the craziest commenter yet. Love reading your stuff each week! When I first created Mana Deprived, Man Deprived did not come up but lots of people have made that joke to me in the years after the fact.

      Maybe one day, we will do another Modern show. We will see. It’s not outside the realm of possibility.

      • Mathematrickster

        I just like catching the show each week. If you guys don’t cover modern, it’s cool. I can only imagine how utterly bored jay might get. To each his own – format. It’s funny that I like the show so much but have such little interest in standard myself, but I’m usually an idiot. Why else would I play such diverse nonsense like legacy then draft and sealed.
        Anyway, make your calls. You’ve been making them correctly for this long.
        Keep it up,


  • constantine nunes

    Great show. I’m from California. Pollens been raping my face. Comment.

  • Will

    Since we’re talking about phallic islands… Theres one from theros thats literally just a dick coming out of the water.. Can’t upload the link though

  • Andrew Wagner

    Jay, you just don’t play your pack rat into an opponent that might have Bile Blight in their deck. It’s not that hard to craft your game around your opponents deck. You just have to play your thoughtseizes correctly and play better. If you’re playing against black you either (a) don’t go all in on rat, maybe just make 1 rat and milk 2 rats and a mutavault or (b) make sure the coast is clear with thoughtseize and lifebane zombie.
    I went 6-1-2 losing in the finals to esper humans (who plays that deck?!) in my Saturday game day and 4-0-1 on the way to winning the sunday game day with mono black and even against other black decks the rats were totally fine.
    I’ve gone 25-3-3 over the course of 3 game days and a SCG IQ. It’s a hard deck to play but it’s extremely powerful and very consistent.
    My current list is…
    4 pack rat
    4 lifebane zombie
    4 desecration demon
    4 gray merchant
    4 thoughtseize
    4 hero’s downfall
    4 devour flesh
    3 ultimate price
    4 underworld connections
    4 mutavault
    4 temple of silence
    2 godless shrine
    16 swamps
    4 duress
    1 erebos, god of the dead
    1 blood baron of vizkopa
    2 revoke existence
    3 bile blight
    2 doom blade
    2 dark betrayal
    The deck is stupid good. Scott is right on the money about main deck lifebane zombie. Specter is completely unnecessary at the moment and you really need the lifebanes to shore up the G/R and Jund monsters matchup because you’re definitely a dog game one if you don’t have that card.

    • Andrew Wagner

      That should be 15 Swamps. I cut down to 25 lands to make room for an extra removal spell. I’ve found that with connections and scry lands you can play 25 with very little if any downside compared to playing 26.

    • Wow, good job Drew!

      • Andrew Wagner

        I mean it sounds maybe more impressive than it is. The Sunday game day only had 8 people lol. Thanks though. I think I play the deck pretty well. It’s hard to see any other deck in the format being as powerful. Thoughtseize is far and away the best card in standard right now.

      • Andrew Wagner

        I had this pretty crazy game against a bant walkers deck where my opponent plays a turn one pithing needle naming pack rat, and I happened to have the 2 mutavault 2 pack rat draw and I crush him with just those 2 rats and 2 lands and never even need to activate the rat to win. I had another game in the top 8 on Saturday where I killed my opponent in game 3 with 2 mutavaults doing all the damage and just pointing a million pieces of removal at all of his G/W creatures after boarding up to 15 pieces of removal. The deck can play from a crazy amount of angles and all of them are stupidly powerful.

  • Oneiros

    Great episode! do you guys have a link to Courtney’s domain zoo list or to the videos where you guys won out available?