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Posted by on Mar 23, 2014

The Eh Team #171 – Just a Few Blocks

The Eh Team #171 – Just a Few Blocks

Join the Eh Team for Episode 171 as they recount KYT’s week-long birthday, ending with Grand Prix Montreal… where KYT finished in 12TH PLACE! The drastic difference between Jeremey’s days judging on Friday and then on Saturday at the GP. Jay’s experience doing commentary for a local PTQ. Scotty fills in the missing parts in Jeremey’s memories of Saturday night at the ManaDeprived party and after. KYT’s day 2 drafting Theros block at the Grand Prix. Scotty’s Sunday winning the team sealed side event with the podcast dream team of him, Marcel from Brainstorm Brewery, and Matty from Heavy Meta. Finally, having missed it two weeks ago, Jay Boosh gets to weigh in on the #Crackgate photos.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Polish Tamales

    f i r s t

    EDIT: Link’s dead at 9:29 PM PST

    • Polish Tamales

      Best story. Ever.


  • Bruce Lee

    It’s been funny over the last week to hear the same stories from the perspective of such different people.
    Hilarious cast.

  • Snurly

    Moving to Winnipeg? Bad beats 🙂

  • pallie

    Super funny stories about Jeremy getting drunk, I don’t feel like you should be rude to manager of a restaurant because his place is full but maybe things work differently around here.

  • ultratribes

    I agree with Matt Sperling’s recent article on channelfireball about the fat ass crack thing. Buy a pair of pants that fit and fix the issue. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the general idea of a “politically correct” society; some of us like to call it the “nanny state”. Its one thing to unofficially not be allowed to use swear words in any kind of decent public area, but it’s completely another to severely restrict free speech on a more judicial, official, level.

    Here are some real examples of the degenerating society via nanny state: (1) Kids are getting suspended for even mentioning the word, or drawing a picture of, a gun in schools (elementary school kid got suspended for drawing a picture of his dad as a marine with a gun); (2) a high school in California is banning the image of the USA flag because it might be “offensive” to immigrants; (3) an elementary school issued a $10 fine to a mom for not packing their kid a “well balanced” sack lunch; (4) some schools are requiring a doctor’s note to even bring a lunch from home; (5) brown bags and the word “citizen” are banned (almost impossible to enforce) in Seattle; (6) an EMT trainee high school student was expelled when school police found a pocket knife in the students car during a random security check (found in his EMT utility jacket that he is supposed to use if someone is stuck in their seatbelt after a crash); should I continue? There’s hundreds more examples, and it’s escalating every year. These are all real, and recent, incidents. You can google search them and read more.

    Teachers that are being terminated or put on paid leave for failing students is exactly how our society as we know it will end. This is not the decision of individuals on the school level; this is being decided by the federal government under common core. Parents that have kids in schools like this need to fight back if they care about their child’s future (and their own future in their old age). We need to rid the school system of the federal government completely, or they will continue to get worse. The real world doesn’t accept total failure (but it’s what the government wants so they can get people on the dole so they can control people’s lives completely). Agenda 21 is real, and we need to stop it before they reach their end game.

    Here’s a nice little thing about teachers: they are being forced under threat of termination to be a part of “shooter drills” where they are expected to act like they are being shot and killed. This stuff isn’t a joke. The government is literally teaching people to be afraid and lay down under threat of attack. There’s a “shelter in place” training video for your average workplace office on youtube, and it tells people to stay in the building with the shooter and to use scissors to protect themselves if they are found.

    Everything is connected; everything is part of a greater agenda or plan. You just have to step outside of your brainwashed stupor and choose to see this behavior for what it really is. Take the red pill. Use those critical thinking skills [that they don’t teach you in public school anymore].

  • JR

    Hey guys, it was awesome to be a part of this! Thanks for your openness and hospitality.

    (Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get to Neil Diamond levels of drunkenness until after Karaoke ended)

    (Also I seem to remember the phrase “I shat six times today” that day, LOL)

    Until next time..!

  • Belligerent Board G

    Jealous of all this debauchery. I had a feeling about the train, though. Gotta keep that drinking jazz on the low tones, brother.

  • hungry hamster

    regarding fat ass crack things, can’t you guys have jonathan medina as a guest for 1 show?

  • Mathematrickster

    Just mentioning that Monday after GP Boston, the sox are playing the blue jays. Just putting it out there…

  • Eric Y

    I was cracking up over the gin. #savethegin good cast dudes.

  • Zatoichi

    Eff yeah toques! Great cast guys. Drinking stories and silly items galore