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Posted by on Jun 16, 2014

The Eh Team #183 – The Niagaran Conspirators

The Eh Team #183 – The Niagaran Conspirators

KYT and Scott return from a Conspiracy-filled weekend at Niagara Comic Con to join Jay Boosh and Jeremey for a full-length fun-filled 183rd episode of the Eh Team, now with improved audio quality!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • JM

    KYT, screaming to people calling them nerds… :s
    To be fair, many people have different opinion of what a nerd looks like or like to do.
    On the aspect of what a nerd likes,i guess if any of you talk about magic to a person that never play it and explain them the game they will see us as nerds also. I guess that many of us already had that experience, when we tell someone that we play magic, and they look at us very surprised and said they could never imagine that we play that nerd card game.
    And about the look of a nerd, a guess you can see many of the sad comments on magic videos or facebook photos of for example a person KYT knows very well Hayne.

    • Hey JM, I most definitely consider myself a nerd, so part of the humour was the irony of my actions. There was a time when I would probably be embarrassed to tell people I play a card game, but times have changed and it is something I am extremely proud about.

      • JM

        Dont get me wrong, i was just trying to make a point,i also dont have a problem telling people that i play magic, im a person that the general society would not consider to have a apperance or tastes of what a society considers a nerd. If people consider me a nerd because i love this game i dont even care if that makes a nerd or not, and like you said im proud of it and for doing what i love as one my hobbies.
        I wasnt even trying to argue what is or not a nerd, or if being nerd is good or bad, because like a said i think that depends of the perspective of each person.

        What i was referring to, was the attitute/situation that Scott described , my reaction was the same as Jeremey saying WTF,or jay saying thats weird.
        You go to a lot PTQs and GPs, if you or someone else is the event or in the way to the event with a big group of friends, and someone passes by in a car pointing and screaming nerds, you may be able to realize that probably someone like you or me will dont even care or just think its funny and just smile,but probably someone in a big group will just not like that and fell bad.
        Maybe like you said part of the humor was the irony of you action, but people that know who you are or what you like can understand it because they can see the irony of the situation, to those people that were they were on the way to the event, you are just a random guy making fun of them.
        Once again dont get me wrong, i was just trying to make a point of view thats all… (sorry for the long text :p )

  • Anthony

    Was hoping to hear if anyone opened anything fun with Lore Seeker.
    I guess you just stuff another ROE pack and pray for another vent sentinel.

  • Drayg0

    I think it’s bullshit that Jay goes off and plays DOTA 2 while the rest of you guys talk about Modern. I know you’re BOF right now cuz of a change in employment – but Come On! It’s time to man up and jam some Modern Jay!

    • bosh

      i didnt play dota this episode, actually i havent since the chris kluwe episode, i was just bored as fuck with modern, like always.


      • Drayg0

        I just think it’d be cool if you were more a part of the conversation on the subject. BOO is interesting and Cube is always a lot of fun to play, but neither are sanctioned formats. You don’t like Standard, the current state of limited (Conspiracy aside – which yes is incredibly fun) or Modern right now.

        The only experience you’ve had that I know of is what I’ve heard you talk about on the show and it sounded like an awful time. You didn’t even get to play the deck you wanted to then. Bogle seems more like your style anyway if I were to venture a guess. Full disclosure I don’t play modern either but I want to. Gathering the cards necessary takes time but I do like to listen to the discussion about it.

        Either way you guys have a great show – I just felt it worth bringing up.

  • JM

    On a more interesting subject, mrscottymac i loved the compulsive research were you played the uwr twin.
    Do you think that in a metagame were the 3 most played decks are Twin/BG/uwr control, but only with something like 13% each one of them, and something like 8% of pod, that uwr twin list could do well?

    Do not know if you continued to play a lot with this list in mtgo, but do many players make you to do the combo and put all those tokens, even when they know they already lost the game,just to see if you lose because time round over?
    Do you thik think that can be a problem do someone who wants do play this on modo instead of paper? (i dont know if the v4 was a shortcut or not to put all those tokens)
    I hope you get nominated to the magic online comunnity cup, i think your articles are very interesting in content to promote not only mtgo,but magic in paper to.

  • bass

    Good show this week gys

  • Austin Estey

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about the BOO set, even if you arent interested in it some people are and would like to hear about it. Some people don’t like modern talk but isn’t the show just about magic in general and the guys to talk about what they are doing? complaing about what Jay is doing seems strange to me. Just my 2 cents

  • Luis Acosta

    Sorry that It won’t be three members of the Eh Team on the WMC team. I’ll be winning the Edmonton one. But I’ll wear the gear to support the show. 😉

  • inkyscholar

    It took longer than usual to finish this episode than usual, but it was well work it. I really enjoyed the discussion of Conspiracy and the episode solidified my decision to create my own draft set. I am curious to know what the cast thought the best rares/mythics were best in multiples so I can get my hands on a few.

    I want to agree with Austin about the BOO set. I was really enjoying it, especially as it seemed that Jay was learning a lot about what it took to design cards. I appreciated the insights and it was a good example of what some of us might face if we tried our hands as designers. The discussion even inspired me to watch Looney Tunes after who knows how long.

    After Scott has been to a Brazilian Steakhouse, I wonder if he will ever refer of Outback as a good restaurant again?

    Keep up the great work!

  • MattAposPrime

    Do you guys have link to the deck lists you talk about in this episode?

  • Zatoichi

    Jay parkour is awesome. That Paul Walker movie is actually a redo of District B13. It’s a French movie and it’s spectacular.