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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

The Eh Team #188 – Bear Force One

The Eh Team #188 – Bear Force One

The Eh Team takes a moment to reflect, as MTGO V3 is put out to pasture. Jeremey, Jay, and KYT played M15 Prereleases, and boy, is the seeded-pack colour prerelease box gimmick starting to wear thin. However, the guys just love M15 limited! Should you always choose to draw, in Sealed? What are some of the cards they really enjoyed playing at the tournament. Potty humour, toilet stories, and listner submissions. Scott & KYT are looking forward to the huge event that Grand Prix Boston will be. And yet KYT still hasn’t settled on a Modern deck! Jay makes big cuts to his Cube. Looking at some Team Sealed strategy and team experiences for Grand Prix Portland.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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  • Kyle Hauck

    MTGO is junk. It’s comparable to a new Battlefield launch by EA. Just buggy and not worth the time or money. People need to spam WOTC with emails and ultimatums to revert back or outsource the client entirely. Enough is enough. People who have “invested” (that’s laughable) into this program need to give their head a shake and stop using it. Then maybe WOTC will take the suggestions seriously. Stand up for your right as a consumer and don’t use it.

    As far as the pre-release goes, I’m also sick of choosing colors when there are clearly BETTER colors to choose from. Just keep it as a sealed event and see how things go. At least then, when you open your terrible pool, you don’t have a color choice to blame.

  • T_Moles

    Great episode guys! Can’t wait to see Scotty & KYT this weekend in Woooostah!
    Feel like #TeamGeist is gonna have a good weekend!
    Can’t wait to meet Jay in Portland too! Next few weeks are gonna be crazy good!

  • ®i©o

    The thing to do with pre-releases is to just nerf the prizing so the new kids win regardless and the sharks don’t go all try-hard and instead are focused on helping the new people understand the game instead of just rolling.

    • ®i©o

      The hardest things are getting new players in the door and then not scaring them off with overly intense players being less than welcoming to the game and community.

      • ®i©o

        Because you EITHER set the core events up for new players OR the wider player base. Can’t reasonably have both.

        • inkyscholar

          I think you can. It just takes some tweaking and or more options for stores from WOTC.

    • boosh

      I respectfully disagree with this completely.

      Yes some sharks are douches. i submit that most arent, and the ones that are are a product of the environment and not just themselves being cunts.

      if no one tells this piece of shit to stop being a piece of shit to new players, then it’s half everyone’s fault too.

      For example, i am a spike/shark through and through, theres no hiding that. I want to win, i like to win, i want to open good cards that help me win, or money cards, that i will use to make money, if it cant be both, which would be ideal.

      that being said, i’m happy, im smiley, im helpful, i ENGAGE people in conversations, i dont insult, i dont make fun, i dont critique. I encourage, i single out that newby, and i make him love the game.

      I ask people questions, about themselves, i let new players have take backs, if they get confused i help, if they say sorry i make sure they know not to worry about it, emphatically.

      I give all my cards and the end of the event to someone deserving, who’s new, who wants to play magic. Every. Single. Time.

      Yep, i say cunt, and fuck, and shit, and i judge stupid loud cunt fucker shit heads, i also try to support the community i am a part of, as best i can.

      Im not tooting my own horn, well i am, but thats not the point im trying to emphasize. The point im trying to get across is that the people that i have chosen to hang with, we are all like this. We play to WIN, and win hard, but we want the next generation to be able to play, and win, and if we dont welcome the next generation, then there wont be one, and if there isnt one, then there’s no one for us to beat.

      If the spikes/sharks in your area are hindering your newbies at your pre releases, KICK THEM THE FUCK OUT. Dont ask them politely, dont encourage the feel bad people, dont tell them that its ok and the other guy is just a jerk, stand up for something. Be a hero for someone. Tell that stupid cunt that you dont give a shit about anything he has to say, and neither does anyone else, and to get the fuck outta here and never come back.

      • ®i©o

        Moar need Boosh at local stores 🙂

  • inkyscholar

    Thought that I would weigh in on the pre-release pack issue. What follows is a break down of what works, what does not work, and some options that Wizards can offer individual stores that might help the process.

    What works:
    The actual packaging of the pre-release product. I am only talking about the box, the inserts, and the spin-down die. The box itself tells new players that the pre-release is something exciting and special which I think is fantastic. The promotional inserts (not cards) are a great way to provide additional excitement for new players. For example, the large Garruk card was very exciting for some of the new players I have talked to and provided a chance for some parents to play a quick game against their children/children’s friends between rounds. The spin-down die is also useful for new players who may have come to the pre-release and be unaware they need supplies to keep track of their tokens.
    The packaging provides an additional incentive for players to go to a nearby store and not worry about the fact that the LGS has “mapped” the box and is giving better cards to regulars/sharks/etc. I have heard horror stories about some stores in the past and the box allows for some level of confidence.

    What doesn’t work:
    The power level of promos will not, can not be the same unless the promo is something that all players can use in their decks. As indicated on the podcast, this factor results in a negative experience for some of the players at each store who are unable to get the more powerful color. The power level of promos also leaves stores with product that did not sell and that their customers are unlikely to buy. The need to select a specific color also serves as a barrier for most experienced players who feel they are being forced into a specific color.

    There are some options that Wizards could employ that would preserve what works while addressing what doesn’t.
    1. Make the promo something that can be used by all colors. Since Wizards started the current pre-release system there has been a card in each set that each color could use. These don’t have to be artifacts or lands, but in most cases they would be. Wizards has shown that they are savvy enough to include cards in each set that would appeal to EDH or competitive players and special foils would provide a chance for new players to trade these promos for something they wanted. Here are some suggestions for the past few events: RTR- Chromatic Lantern, Gatecrash – Thespian’s Stage, Dragon’s Maze – Maze’s End, Theros – Nykthos, Born of the Gods – Chromanticore, Journey – Hall of Triumph, M15 – Obelisk of Urd. Now every color is on a level playing field.
    2. Boxes without color designations, just 6 packs in a box. This is pretty simple. It keeps the spin-down die and any promotional inserts while ensuring player confidence that they will have a fair experience and providing players the freedom to build the way they would like to build. This also allows stores to sell the remaining product without having to worry about which color players determine is “better.”

    3. Combine option 1 and 2 or create both colored and non-colored pre-release packs. The colored pre-release packs could still contain the color aligned pack (but with all decks getting the same promo) and stores could be get incentives for holding events that are friendly to new players, families, etc.
    4. Let stores have the option of hosting traditional sealed pre-releases.

    OK, that was essentially an article on my feelings on this issue, but I hope that it is insightful.


    • Blaine Lapierre

      I think a variation of #3 would work too – keep the boxes “seeded”, but have no outside indication of what is inside. Advance knowledge of what’s inside is hurting the TO’s as they have such a hard time unloading excess stock after the weekend AND it hurts players when they can’t get the color they want for whatever reason.

      I believe that over time, the developers on the D side of R&D will be able to better tune the promos, but unless there’s a STRONG reason to pre-select a type (like guilds during RTR/GTC/DGM), take that decision out of the players hands.

  • Drayg0 Curious to hear your take on it in the next Episode

  • Austin Estey

    I think my main issue with the prerelease packs is the fun it takes out of deck building, and how it can trap new players into playing the wrong colors because that is the color they picked. One of the prereleases I played in I chose green and had barely any playables so I made a RB deck and went 5/0. Where had I gone with a color I chose my deck would have been utter garbage.