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Posted by on Aug 4, 2014

The Eh Team #189 – Always Jam

The Eh Team #189 – Always Jam

KYT and Mr. ScottyMac are back from slinging some Modern at Grand Prix Boston, and do they have stories. Every single member (all four) of #TeamGeist made Day 2! And congratulations to Mr. ScottyMac for being selected as one of the eight players representing the Magic community in the MTGO Community Cup in Seattle, later this fall!! Jeremey’s headed north to Yellowknife in October for Ptarmicon to do a panel chat and some Magic judging. The guys look at the pros and the cons of the changes to Magic Organized Play: the new division of Preliminary & Regional qualifiers for the Pro Tour.

Eh Team’s PT Draft Picks: Overall match points, & final placement as tie-breaker.
Jeremey: Huey Jensen, Ben Stark, Jon Finkel
Scott: Owen Turtenwald, Tom Martell, Paul Rietzl
KYT: Reid Duke, Josh Utter-Leyton, Alex Hayne

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face
Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Brett P

    #BringBackCrazyTalk I love nothing more in podcasts than Hayne making fun of Medina. Franky stories are great too. I NEED MORE PASTAS STORIES.

    • Mathematrickster

      “Friends don’t let friends play Hypergenesis”
      Best. Line. Ever.

      • Mathematrickster

        Oh, remembered another great quote.

        “Just play better!”

  • Mathematrickster

    Wow, so here comes a comment… I had a feeling this one was going to be long also. By the time I am done, it may make Time magazine look like a Bazooka Joe comic.

    Ok, I think I will try this “Shaolin Monk” style… Let’s see if the comments follow the time in episode…

    So I recall a tweet from Scotty about getting ready for legendary podcasting.

    1:50 – Less than 2 minutes in and Holy Shit. Scotty sounds off the chart!!! And of coarse I love the toll booth Willy reference!!! How can people say Worcestershire sauce but when half the phrase drops they get stumped? And Dropkick Murphy’s great. but it is not Boston…

    5:30 – Hmm, no Jay? So, no star wars game stories?

    6:26 – Had no idea you came 10 hours down. Damn, and I am still debating driving to New Jersey and I LOVE legacy… Did anyone else happen to catch the guy from Brazil who already booked his flight?

    9:48 – Yeah, I definitely should have played more side events…

    10:45 – I forgot the 5 game tron. You seemed to handle it well though. Ok, so I haven’t followed the stream either. But I should fix my life sounds harsh. At first I was kind of offended but the great reality is that I missed the fact that there was a better version of the deck that I love because I haven’t watched the stream. I did check in once but I may need to try to more often.

    16.23 – Yeah, Ice Imports. That was when I felt like a Jackass as KYT drives to Connecticut from Canada and I didn’t drive from Massachusetts. Maybe next time. Just for reference, Scotty said he had a story about that later but never shared it.

    18:50 – Salt of the earth is DEFINITELY OVERBOARD!!! Crazytalk was the Shit!!! @livewithfrank is such an awesome personality. I’m still laughing and I have heard that bite 3 times now! Who has 2 thumbs and is the biggest crazytalk fan? <<< This guy!!

    19:30 – Oh good! I am so glad you guys enjoyed Miss Worcester Diner! There are other places and stuff to see but I will get there later.

    36:40 – There were definitely a lot of french Canadians at the GP. I didn't even notice the Canadian flag in the arena until I saw it on a twitter page. I did terrible and went to the Casino. KYT, next time you are welcome to come along…

    41:00 – Listen to KYT. He seems very introspective and absolutely respectable. It is a very admirable characteristic. Not, "the shuffler fucked me", not "variance is a thing" but fully honest. Fucking Good on you, brah!

    44:50 – Holy Shit!!! I gotta use that line with "Tin-Fins". I will intentionally mull just to say "I only need these 5 to kill on turn 1 anyway".

    57:00 – You keep forgetting you weren't in Boston. Next time you're ready to give up, I think you could give me a call. Of coarse, now you know.

    1:12:00 – Yeah, the playmat is AWESOME!! I was curious who this Thomas Dodd guy was. I will get to this later…

    1:16:50 – Eh-hem… Not Boston…

    1:20:50 – #oldpeopleproblems
    Shit was a blast and I will get to this after too.

    1:24:30 – Great time to take a sip of my coffee. I almost lost it. "If you ask for doubles I try to kill you!" and (Scotty said Crazytalk again).

    1:43:14 – Scotty said Crazytalk again… Anyone else hear that?

    1:46:40 – Awesome!!! I'm glad you made it to Miss Worcester. Just something to see while you are in the area. I just saw yesterday, someone get hash and cheddar french toast. I am so glad you got to check it out though!!!

    1:52:00 – Good, I am so glad KYT enjoyed himself. That was my goal…

    2:35:26 – If it was Milford Massachusetts, it would be TJ's Collectibles (the same TO as the GP) and if you head there again, let me know.

    2:49:30 – Did KYT just pick Hayne and then say "Fuck" like he had no confidence?

  • Mathematrickster

    Just for reference, from the other side of the table (an alternate perspective)…

    I had mentioned to Scotty that there had been over 180 episodes and I (listening at work) had followed along which is approximately 580 hours (because what the hell, I am at work anyway). I decided, when I knew you guys were coming down, that I would host you in my city to the extent that you would allow as a sort of repay in kind type of a thing.

    Now, I love legacy, so I enjoyed Crazytalk. It was one of the only Legacy podcasts around.

    Anyway, I am walking with KYT back towards the hotel. I only live 10 minutes away so I am not staying at the Hotel. But I am mentioning that I can go in the garage and get my car and drive over to the Karaoke Bar.

    Now I am not familiar with Canada, but I learned in 3rd grade that if a stranger offers a car ride to go have fun, you DON’T get in the car. I am glad you guys did though because holy smokes, yeah, that was an experience.

    I did have some concerns, honestly, and it began when Thomas announced that he may need to appologize now for the things he was going to say as he drank more.

    I really thought this was going to end badly…

    But alas…

    The place seemed dead, which I somewhat expected but it was the closest thing to the hotel. I figured you might be more comfortable there but you guys decide. My thing was just to play MTG Dad for the night. I can only imagine Scotty as the family man, similar to myself, and on a trip out, have a fuckin blast. So, let’s go see my buddy DJ.

    Best thing (in awkward language barriers though both english) was a girl who was singing country songs very well picked up the microphone.

    Scotty, straight-faced says “You, are absurd”. Shit was awesome. He had to clarify with “It’s a good thing”.

    Now, I have heard through “The Eh Team” series that Scotty likes Karaoke. Scotty is good at Karaoke, blah, blah, blah. Really, if you enjoy it cool, but what can good at Karaoke mean?

    OMFG!!! If you ever get the chance to see or hear Scotty do Karaoke, partake. Absolutely unbelievable. I really can’t explain it and while I thought having a video on my phone might help, I was apparently dumfounded and took a picture with my phone instead. (it is a new phone but still). Just un-real. I have never imagined un-real Karaoke but the guy can entertain as well as interview.

    Funny thing is they must be really strict with seat-belts in Canada. KYT was putting it on before the car even beeped as a reminder.

    He put it on and I said “Yeah, you’re going to want that.” just to try to mess with him a bit.

    Anyway, I am so glad you guys had a good time. That was my objective. If you guys make it down again, perhaps there is more.

    If you are going to be anywhere near Massachusetts, let me know. Any Ice Imports event, Providence, whatever.

    That was an epic time.


  • Austin Estey

    As someone who lives in New Brunswick the regional PTQ change was one of the worst things that could have happened for me. The fact that even if I were to win a local PTQ that I now have to travel many hours to get a chance to play in another tournament just seems to suck. If I wanted to travel to a tournament I would rather pay to make a trip to a GP.

  • Nick

    Hey guys great ep! Wanted to say dam you Scotty after hearing what you had for breakfast I am hungry as sin.

    & remember stay awesome!

  • Blaine Lapierre

    Scotty – it sounded like you completely forgot that wotc had already announced to total number of rptqs at the same time as the rest of the announcement.

    Here’s a very quick breakdown of old system vs new.

    (For khans ptq season)

    USA – 83 ptqs
    Canada – 10 ptqs

    Roughly 1/8 ptqs in Canada vs usa = 2/16 or 3/16 at best.

    As per Helene Bergeot, there are under 3100 advanced stores around the world. There are 31 rptqs worldwide – with only 1 winner per pretq, that’s roughly 3000 players AT BEST playing in rptqs who qualified via pretq. It can be estimated that no more than HALF these rptqs will have more than 128 players for the 8 player invite when considering silver invites. There were ~210 ptqs worldwide for khans ptqs. At 16 x 8 and 15 x 4 (estimated split between over 128 and under 128 attendeess for rptqs), there’s 196 ptq winner slots.

    Non-dense population mtg communities are gonna have it rough.

  • Doug B

    You guys have convinced me to build a Geist deck for modern, is this the final decklist you ended up bringing to the GP?

  • Patrick L

    KYT: “I didn’t playtest against affinity enough.”

    You didn’t playtest or practice enough at all and you picked a dumb deck and you should feel bad. You’re the best active player not on the pro tour, you can do better than this.

    Number one rule of modern: know your deck. Not that it matters, professional modern is dead.

  • Zatoichi

    Congrats on the sale Jer. I have also been looking for one of those SDCC sets, but damn that shit is expensive.

    Hearing you guys draft for the PT is hilarious.

    I totally wish you assholes would make it closer to Colorado. Denver GP, we have Brazilian steakhouses, tons of stuff. Come on let’s do this.

  • Zatoichi

    Everything is awesome