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Posted by on Aug 11, 2014

The Eh Team #190 – Standardized

The Eh Team #190 – Standardized

Jay is back! The rest of the Eh Team catch Jay Boosh up to the new changes in qualifying for the Pro Tour. Speaking of the Pro Tour, M15 just happened, so the guys determine who won their PT draft. What exactly is hiding underneath that mysterious 3-GP weekend in the 2015 schedule? Khans of Tarkir prerelease box plans. What’s a geek podcast without a Firefly debate? Jay Boosh is heading to Portland last minute to see the Grand Prix this weekend! Jeremey explains to Jay the concept of the side event prize wall, that will be seen at GP Portland. KYT will be in Portland, too, teaming up with ManaDeprived’s own Limited video experts, Travis Sowers (Semulin) and Brian Liu (FlamingSheep). Scott explains the issue of the new Twitch copyrighted music policy. KYT is finding M15 Limited to be a really challenging format.


**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • iamcrazyjoe

    All seeded prerelease packs have been done the same way. Each guild/color has 8 possible pack configurations. If you get the same rare as someone else, the entire pack is the same. One of the configurations will have a Mythic, Guild Leader in RTR/GC, Gods in Theros block, Souls in M14.

    • Neil Rigby

      I’ll be going to a WMCQ, if you email (my email is ) me your address Scotty I’ll post you my Geist.

  • Austin Estey

    The seeded packs in RTR are the same as they were for Theros. You get 1 promo rare for sure. and then you get another rare that 1 of a certain amount.

  • Blaine Lapierre

    It doesn’t matter how many times I say it – but the best compromise, in my opinion, to the seeded boxes is to remove all indication of what’s in the box from the labeling. No “hunt with ferocity” or “path of the warrior”, or in the case of what will be for Khans, no “Abzan Clan” markings on the boxes.

    Having a set of clans might make this prerelease more like Return to Ravnica than M14/15/Theros/Born/Journey, but the gimmick has certainly overstayed it’s welcome.

    In my dream world where I get MY way, the stores can still get the prerelease boxes (slick packaging, goal/objective cards, spin down dice), but inside is just 6 normal boosters.

  • Tim Sargent

    All this talk about tickets reminded me of a time I went to Las Vegas when I was still under 21. I spent all my time in arcades and always tried to find the game with the best EV to get tickets. I found a game that I could consistently get the jackpot of 500 tickets about 1 in 4 tries, a giant stopwatch that you had to stop at exactly 1000. I spent 10 hours playing the same game to get 27,500 tickets so I could get the newly released PSP that was $250 at the time. Some of the workers were even cheering me on and checking to see if the machine needed to be refilled. When I was less than 1000 tickets away, a manager came up to me and asked if I was cheating. I told him I was not and that it was purely a skill game. I taught him my technique to win and he was able to get the jackpot within a few tries. He then shut of the machine and said I couldn’t play it. Luckily there was a couple there that saw I was short and gave me enough tickets to get my PSP. It cost me $100 dollars, so I made $150 profit in that 10 hours.

    TL;DR Try feeding 27,500 tickets in the a ticket eater…It sucks

  • Gen. Buck Turgidson

    These guys might know something about Magic, but I couldn’t tell over all the whining that was going on.

  • Kim

    Jeremey: “I think that this is complaining to just to hear your voice complain.”
    Boosh: (Giggle like a little girl)

    That pretty much summarizes most, if not all, what Boosh has to say.

  • Mathematrickster

    More @livewithfrank ???


  • @Drew_2308

    Couldn’t disagree with Jeremy more about M14 draft. I drafted mono black and black/white almost every single time I drafted the set and crushed with it about 99% of the time. The black deck with removal and 1 or more corrupts and an elixir of immortality to grind out the decks that have any shot of keeping up with you was absolutely nuts.

  • jayplaysomemagicagainorbefunny

    welcome to jay-complaining-about-things-he-doesnt-know-shit-about the cast , where listeners remember that if they download the episode they can more easily skip past the parts where jay becomes that shithead whiny magic player he hates so much.

  • Zatoichi

    Bwahaha jobencon. Jay your rant about that shit was fucking hilarious. So Firefly and Dr Who sucked, but Bill and Ted was great. Killing me.

    Rinsing out a condom and reusing it. Great damn analogy. Holy fuck.

  • Zatoichi

    Weeeeeeee pooling tickets. KYT hearing your hilarious feigned sarcastic excitement for the tickets and pooling them was great. Let’s do this.

  • Zatoichi

    And fuck those assholes that don’t like listening to you guys rambling about shit and having fun. I love it. It’s part of the fun of the cast.