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Posted by on Aug 18, 2014

The Eh Team #191 – Team Spirit

The Eh Team #191 – Team Spirit

KYT & Jay return with lots to say about Grand Prix Portland. Jay missed the main event, but KYT and his team scraped together a gallant 6-3 with a weak pool to barely miss Day Two. But they both had a blast visiting the HeavyMeta SVU houses, Cubing, and Jay played some of the most fun Werewolf of his life. Mr. ScottyMac is getting ready to get his Geist on this weekend again for the PTQ in Mississauga, and he’ll be joined by KYT, who’ll be battling not just for the PTQ, but the first Canadian World Magic Cup qualifier, too! KYT describes “Blood Rats”, the latest Modern deck he’s been trying out. The game formats for the Community Cup have been announced, Scotty is revving up his preparation, and wants your help.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

  • Captain Sum Ting Wong

    I last commented on the Eh Team when the douchebag Jeremy was first introduced. At the time he told us a story about how he only cared about reputation and had the maturity of a teenager (look it up he spent an entire episode telling us about how cool it was of him to introduce his friend to Alex Hayne and how he bullied his friend after he stood up for himself when Hayne stole his money). I could go into the pathetic non-apology/sympathy seeking episode when John left, the infomercial Flores episode (lol what nerds need is a book about increasing you peripheral vision for the price of two New York Times best sellers), or the Gerry episode where Jay is sucking his dick so hard he bullies his own cocasters for a ‘genius’ who has a fucking magic dairy. I guess I just did a little but god damn that is some funny, in a bad way, shit. So like a rational person even though I liked a lot of the content John and Scotty brought to the table I left the Eh Team, there has to be some standards after all.

    ‘But hey, things might get better. After all there were great shows in the past.’ I thought, so I checked back in. Apparently people flew Jay to Portland to party with his bros because he is a ‘celebrity’ but he does spend time talking to his fans so it it cool. This guy literally made his reputation on being entertaining but his limp dick stories/ reading of shit stories is just pathetic. I am a hard alcoholic and even I would say bro handle your shit, what are you teenagers falling off a ‘cliff’? I could just keep going on how big of a fucking narcissist and douchebag Jay is but it happens enough every fucking episode. After coming back what is new is that Jeremy has some redeeming qualities with his judge perspective but he is still the worst certainly not a person anyone would want as a friend. Recently he related his story of snapping at a random game store employee and his apology later. Bro, you are a grown-ass man come the fuck on. Again, ridiculous immaturity. As usual Scotty and KYT seem to be the only adult on the cast.

    If you could just cut Jay or have a friend invite him for dota it would be way better for all of us if that arrogant asshole would just stfu. Jeremy is a pandering douche but you guys have whipped him into shape. Just stop him from talking outside of magic/judge commentary because that will prevent people from realizing he has a very low IQ. I wish you would get rid of these derp. Fuck you Jay, you stupid turd I know you wouldn’t listen because you don’t care about anyone but milking the community so hard is total bs.

    • Slick Jagger

      Dude. Just don’t listen. Obviously it isn’t for you. No need to get all preachy and upset. Maybe it was at one point, and I understand being upset by that, but the show seemingly is bigger than ever without you as part of the fan base. Go start your own cast where you can make it exactly perfect to your standards and I’m sure it will be awesome. All you’ve done in this post is sound like the worst kind of whiney kid who no one ever wants to be around, let alone take feedback from.

    • Curly :)

      Bro uh.. This show very obviously isn’t for you. Jay being a stand up person, and Jeremy being one of the nicest people I know, let’s me believe you are taking this a little to serial. Also man, AA is there to help if you have an actual drinking problem . 🙂

    • KevyMetall

      Bahahaha!! I just can’t…. Jay you should totally grow up and be better at alcoholism, bro. Hahahahaha!

  • Mathematrickster

    Damn, I guess trolls gotta troll.

    My only thought was that I finally got to hear Jay offer something that I have to imagine is going to Stick Hardcore.

    I think he motivated the new term: HEAVY META DRUNK!!!

    Fuckin Sweet.

    Other than that, I think Slick summed it up best.

    I thought it was a decent show but I do have to flashback to 2 more things before I’m out.



    Really though, You guys are still top shelf!


  • Kerrydan

    A version of the Blood Rats list, in case any one wanted it:

  • Kim

    I find it ironic that, when Jay complains, a lot of listeners nod in agreement. However, when a listener “complains” about the podcast, rather than understand the reasoning behind the comment/complain, those listeners pile against said commenter. If said complains are baseless, sure, ignore them. But, if there might be an argument, explore it. To quote flavour text of the card Worship: “Believe in the ideal, not the idol”.

    The major issue from my perspective since the departure of Medina is that there is no person who is willing to challenge Jay’s reasoning (or lack off) and I believe that is where the unbalance comes. For example, everytime Jay says “I don’t like (insert complain, such as Theros sealed)”, nobody wants to delve into the topic. Rather, everybody nod in agreement. When you have a group of people just nodding in agreement, you don’t go too far. To make an analogy in Magic, how do you improve a deck? By throwing in ideas and developing them via testing, not because the loudest voice says X or Y card/deck is the best and the rest follow blindly. As I commented in a previous episode, this exchange between Jeremey and Jay summarizes a lot of what Jay has to say:

    Jeremey: “I think that this is complaining to just to hear your voice complain.”
    Boosh: (Giggle like a little girl)

    I will say I didn’t contribute to Jay’s trip, as I believe there are more worthy fundraisers out there. For example, Ginger Marsala’s son. While it was partially addressed in a previous episode by Jay himself, I will bring the obvious question: Why the same support does no exist? The Go Fund Me campaing hasn’t been funded yet despite the amount is similar/lower than Jay’s trip. Can we conclude the “community” is more of a party group?

  • Zatoichi

    Damn a whole lot of hate going on here. I don’t really see the need for that kind of attitude at all. The party shit was hilarious. It was a great story about a fun time. Jay is a standup guy and a good person. Jer has great commentary and was growing into his own at his introduction to the show. Medina’s cast and coming out about all of that took a large amount of balls and is a testament to who he actually is as a person. Had you paid attention he apologized profusely. He directly reached out to me and talked to me as I was going through the same fucking shit at that time and in a very bad place. This cast and these guys are great people and all reached out to me and had my back in what I was going through. Your summation of this is totally incorrect and baseless. What people decide to donate their money to is their choice. Don’t want to donate to Jay, then don’t. Want to donate to other causes, go for it. Listeners complaining about the podcast is kind of funny, this cast has been the same since its inception. It’s obvious you haven’t been paying attention. It’s a nice collection of magic commentary and social commentary. I have listened to these guys since the beginning and absolutely love it. It’s the only cast I listen to.

    The autism conversation talk was great. I have a nephew that is borderline autistic but hasn’t been qualified as such. He’s the best. It’s great that you were able to meet all those people. I need to come out there next time you guys go.