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Posted by on Aug 25, 2014

The Eh Team #192 – From M15 to Vintage

The Eh Team #192 – From M15 to Vintage

KYT and Scott are back from the Legends Warehouse Battleground weekend in Toronto, with a Modern PTQ and the first Canadian WMCq in the books. At the PTQ Scott jammed UWR Geist, as always, while KYT piloted Willy Edel’s latest Junk list. Jay talks about playing Planechase-Archenemy Conspiracy draft. Jay has come to appreciate M15 Limited, while KYT is drafting as much as he can to prepare for the first Limited PTQ of the season in Montreal. Scott’s also been drafting, Vintage Masters to prepare for the Community Cup. Jay talks about lessons learned applying multicolour cards in his Cube.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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  • Brett P

    Hey Jeremy I’m playing dead guy ale too. If you want to talk to me about it I’d love to. Jay will tell you not to because I’m the worst though.

  • Patrick L

    Boros sucking is such a failure of imagination. There are two ways to do a boros strategy. The first is Red White Control, with a small theme of perm destruction and just huge threats and stuff: think of cards like Boom//Bust comboing with like Flagstones of Trokair, or Wildfires and artifact mana ramping into like dragons and akromas and blowing up the lands behind them. These wildfire decks benefit from having strong artifact mana, and strong sweepers like Balance or Burning of Xinye, but that have strong red and white finishers X/5 that can get above the red removal- can be accelerated to in a reasonable fashion (Red Akroma, Dragons) or come back like Blinking Spirit, Phoenixes (80 minimum), but are in such a way that like Blue based versions of the deck aren’t just strictly better. That is a tight balance to achieve, and often requires looking at underpowering blue’s artifact theme, often by not including cards like Tez or Tolarian Academy. It also has to be such that the Red Sweepers actually kills stuff, but the red dudes it’s ramping into don’t.

    This just might not be an archetype you want to support. Still, it can be very rewarding, and even makes weird niche artifacts and enchantments much more interesting. Cards like Scroll Rack, Land Tax or Tithe effects, even Eternal Dragon. Land Tax is just a bad card though, so it should be avoided. Mind Stone is a great card for this archetype, fast mana will do. Even Khalni Gem, if you go deep on the LD effects.

    Lands are SUPER important for Boros. The main problem with boros aggro is all the best white cards are WW and all the best red cards are RR, and if you aren’t supporting the manabase, it’s like you get a shitty 2/2 Lifelinker First Striker on turn 3 or 4. If you want aggro boros to be strong, you need to go out of your way to make the manabase support RR and WW and RW on turn 2 pretty consistently. You might want to consider exchanging a gold card for an additional mana fixing card. In addition, they’re wanting to run cards like Rishadan Port, Wasteland, ghost quarter – which make casting those color spells hard. You should consider adding in additional functionality lands like Teetering Peaks, Smoldering Spires, Windbrisk Heights, Keldon Necropolis, Barbarian Ring, Keldon Megaliths, Rustic Clachan (if you have good kithkin), lots of Man Lands, Sunhome, Shivan Gorge, and Slayer’s Stronghold. You can also add in cycling lands along side a card like Astral Slide and Lightning Rift. For control kjeldoran outpost is also nice. Most of these cards should go late, but easily find a home.

    But remember, the real issue for RW is the manabase. You’re going to want to have Painlands, fetchlands, even Karoo’s aren’t the worst since they help with landfall if that’s a subtheme you want for boros.

    Good Gold cards to consider for a controlling strategy would be like: Figure of Destiny, Ajani, Warleader’s Helix, Assemble the Legion, Basandra, Battle Seraph, Aurelia, the Warleader especially if you have an infinite combo in your cube with her, Aurelia’s Fury is an OK fireball, and Wear // Tear. Some cubes can even support Fight to the Death. Finally cards like Rise of the Hobgoblins or Goblin Trenches, let these decks grind out value and convert excess mana into an army of blockers or finishers.

    I would also look at Trace of Abundance, which while it is a green card, could make splashing white in a Green Red or Red in a Green White deck much easier to justify.

    If you’re lame you can add Boros Reckoner and maybe a combo for it like Blasphemous Act. I still think episode 62’s scumbag story involving the Act is one of the best stories ever. Reckoner has a downside in that its cost makes it so it only goes into a narrow range of decks, but it’s so powerful it might justify the reach.

    For aggro, one of the biggest problems is the equipment. Everyone is going to take stoneforge and expect batterskull or a sword. Weakening the top end of the equipment will help considerably and adding a card like Manriki-Gusari will help. Maybe downgrading some of the swords to Adventuring Gear and Explorer’s Scope. These help with aggressive landfall creatures that are archetypically boros. You can also consider a card like Sunforger, which while not really aggro or control, is a very johnny build around me card that would let players draft interesting decks with it. Not necessarily good decks, but some players just want to draft fun decks.

    For aggressive cards look at: Figure of Destiny, Goblin Legionnaire (who’s suffered from the m10 rules change), Glory of Warfare, Cerodon Yearling (Some cubes are not appropriate for him), Boros Swiftblade if you have a LOT of good and cheap equipment, Legion’s Initiative is OK, Truefire Paladin, Wojek Halberdiers, Anax and Cymede if you have a good ways to pump it, Lightning Helix, and Boros Charm.

    Aggressive strategies really benefit from tax effects in the cube. Cards like Thalia alongside Sphere effects like Thorn, Lodestone Golem, or go Vintage on people with Smokestacks and Tangle Wire.

    TL; DR

    Look at lands, make sure your manabase is strong enough to support both functionality lands and consistently hitting two and three drops. Consider if you want Boros to be a controlling color, a combo color, or an aggressive color, and find the cards that help that strategy. A controlling archetype will lean hard on board sweepers and artifacts, An aggressive strategy requires downgrading the equipment, possibly adding tax effect. If you want to enhance control, consider supporting a Wildfires, boom // bust, ‘geddon deck. If you want aggro, Sphere effects and really good mana and functional lands are very important.

    • Patrick L

      oh man I forgot to mention the most important card: Assemble the Legion. But this gives me room to mention something. Red is a color that strongly hates artifacts, but it also really loves them too. Consider playing off of that: White cards like Porcelain Legionnaire and Blade Splicer play nicely with cards like Galvanic Blast and Shrapnel Blast.

      Also, Basilisk Collar plays nicely with red cards like cunning sparkmage and Phoenixes like Magma Phoenix, alongside white equipment matters cards like Steelshaper’s Gift and Puresteel Paladin and white pingers like Icatian Javelineers and Catapult Squad. It also will help your blue if you play Gelectrode or Izzet Staticaster.

  • Dance Magic

    You can 100% randomize seating in the last round and it in no way messes with the way we pass out slips.

  • Mathematrickster

    The only thing I look forward to on mondays.

    Thanks for the consistency.

    Almost 200 episodes? Has it really been almost 4 years? Wtf?

    Still missing Medina though.

    And what’s a guy gotta do to get @livewithfrank up in this bitch? Fuck it. I’m gonna see if Heavy Meta can swing the big names…

    Just roasting you guys a bit. Get used to it though. You’re soon to hit another milestone.

    Oh. One more thing.



  • Kim

    I believe RobotLarge mentioned something about Kaijudo where you can’t draw on the last round; rather, you have to play it. I could be wrong, though. But, regardless, this could be a good “rule” to force people to play it out.

    Otherwise, a way around would be similar to what soccer does in the round robin stage of the World Cup. Rather than having the games staggered, the third game is played at the same time. So, for the most part, the other teams in the same group does not know if they need to win to advance or a tie is good enough and they have to play for it. To implement this in a PTQ or large enough tournaments and have enough judges, call the players in tables 3, 4 and, if necessary, 5 and have them play in separate corners of the playing area, with a judge observing the game and sort of cordon off the area (i.e., no expectator closer than X meters). Extreme? Yes. But, hey, that gives the spectators something to watch (though from afar), rather than just hand shaking to draw at the beginning of the round

  • Fenaris

    So, let me get this straight : Two different matches at a PTQ had players actively and intentionally seeking information outside of their game to influence the result of the match they were in?

    How is this not a punishable infraction? Last I knew, getting information of that type is still considered Outside Assistance, unless it’s been changed since 2009, when Terry Soh got dinged for it.

    If it’s still considered OA, then the act of intentionally trying to get this information should result in Disqualification for the parties involved. If that has changed, then I’ve missed it. In either case, getting back to that degree might deter having to “answer” the issue in the first place.

  • Oystein K

    Link to the most recent (unpowered) MTGO cube on Cubetutor: Not sure if it’s cube you’ll be playing, should be close. Thanks guys for a great show and the shout-out.

  • mrlooneyman

    I’m liking all these New Zealanders showing up in Mana Deprived content. Are we taking over?