First Strike #2 – From Eldrazi Tron to Frontier MtG


Welcome to the second episode of First Strike podcast! First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast that discusses competitive and social aspects of the game.

In this episode, Captain Canada himself moderates the debate between two high-level Canadian Magic the Gathering players, Doug Potter of Edmonton and Robert Lombardi of Toronto.

  • (1:29) F2F Montreal Open Results. Surprise! They BOTH love Vincent Thibault’s Eldrazi Tron.
  • (9:44) GP Chiba. All VIP Entries, good idea or too far?
  • (21:01) Limited. Kaladesh best Pack 1 Pick 1 common?
  • (29:50) Old PTQ vs Current PPTQ system?
  • (42:35) New Format: Frontier MtG (M15 onwards). Yea or nay?
  • (55:08) Biggest pet peeve

You hosts on Twitter:

KYT – @kytmagic
Doug Potter – @DougPkr
Robert Lombardi – @RobertLombardi0