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Posted by on Jan 3, 2017

First Strike #7 – From Legacy Decks to Being in the Zone

First Strike #7 – From Legacy Decks to Being in the Zone

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast that discusses competitive and social aspects of the game. In this first episode of 2017, KYT moderates the debate topics between Doug Potter and Bryan Gottlieb.

  • (02:18) GP Louisville preparation: Where to start in Legacy?
  • (11:07) Should performance enhancing drugs (e.g. Adderal etc.) be banned from professional MtG?
  • (29:26) Is being “in the zone” a real thing?
  • (35:37) Aether Revolt spoilers: Fatal Push, Greenbelt Rampager, Siege Modification, Sram’s Expertise
  • (1:03:26) How was Magic in 2016 for you?

You hosts on Twitter:

KYT – @kytmagic
Doug Potter – @DougPkr
Bryan Gottlieb – @BryanGo

  • Alex Walsh

    Players new to legacy -> I suggest researching a deck, find something that interests you and stick with it. Burn is always simple and easy for new players (but like anything takes a while to master), the new BR Reanimator lists going around are also rather powerful and (relatively) cheap for new players…. Legacy as a format is more about how well you know your deck and how it works than a master level knowledge of the format (though it does help).