Heavy Meta #14 – The Ferret, the Witch, and the Bottle!


Welcome Witch
It’s the debut of the Cardboard Witch, people, and she kicks major ass in this week’s episode as the gang talks Gatecrash Prereleases, Limited and some Standard. We all hear how much Nina will miss Bloodbraid Elf and that Jund is in fact dead without the troublesome elf. We update you on speculating fools as well as talk Modern brews, and finish up the episode with too many fucks to count.

Sadly, our Fucks-per-Minute count was destroyed by actual intelligent conversation. I blame Nina.

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Shout Outs:
@Kerrydan – Best editor in the World
@CardboardWitch – Best Guest EVER!
@PolishTamales – Artist Extraordinaire
@derfington – Master of Twitter Avatars & Comics
@theproxyguy – Master of Super Art Cardboard

Show Notes:

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