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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013

Heavy Meta #14 – The Ferret, the Witch, and the Bottle!

Heavy Meta #14 – The Ferret, the Witch, and the Bottle!

Welcome Witch
It’s the debut of the Cardboard Witch, people, and she kicks major ass in this week’s episode as the gang talks Gatecrash Prereleases, Limited and some Standard. We all hear how much Nina will miss Bloodbraid Elf and that Jund is in fact dead without the troublesome elf. We update you on speculating fools as well as talk Modern brews, and finish up the episode with too many fucks to count.

Sadly, our Fucks-per-Minute count was destroyed by actual intelligent conversation. I blame Nina.

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Shout Outs:
@Kerrydan – Best editor in the World
@CardboardWitch – Best Guest EVER!
@PolishTamales – Artist Extraordinaire
@derfington – Master of Twitter Avatars & Comics
@theproxyguy – Master of Super Art Cardboard

Show Notes:

You can find us on Twitter at:
@mattystudios – Matthew Beverly
@kevyMetall – Kevy Metal


  • gingertalian

    dammit. i had my pencil and paper ready to keep tabs.

  • cracklotus

    I’ve listened to every episode, some more than once. This was my favorite episode so far. Teir 1 content and awesome guests, at this point Ferret is more or less the 3rd host. Nina had awesome insight into both sealed and modern, sounds like she has been casting for years. Fucking Crack!

    • MattyStudios

      cracklotus Ferret is our treasured little medina. HAHAHHA

      • cracklotus

        @MattyStudios I think future episodes should have more Ferret and Nina for sure. Also a lil Medina for so em crazzy talk would be hot fire.

  • d00n

    I quite enjoyed this episode of Care Bears and Happy Shit. Keep it up!

  • CardboardWitch

    I won’t lie, I still hate the way I sound AND I’m still afraid I’m so bad that repeated plays will break the internet. This Podcasting stuff was not easy yo 🙂 Thanks for having me on guys.

    • T_Moles1

      CardboardWitch I did radio/tv broadcasting in school, and I hated hearing myself talk. I’d record stuff 3-4 times because I’d hate hearing myself stammer and stumble. 1 of my teachers brought me aside and said I was being too hard on myself and I needed to relax. After I was done I got invited to be on a local sports radio show 2 of my friends were doing. I was still very wary of talking especially being broadcast on radio., but they said just to imagine it was just the 3 of us bullshitting about sports like we did anyways.

      • MTGOFerret

        T_Moles1 CardboardWitch yep that’s pretty much the trick, just talk about what you know and dont worry about trying to sound good else things sound forced and then it DOES sound bad :-/

    • cracklotus

      CardboardWitch you made is sound easy, looking forward to more.

  • T_Moles1

    I was really disappointed we didn’t hear a “Fuck You Guys!!” And then a Click around the 90 minute mark. But other than that it was a great show. I love the looks I get when I’m working and just burst out laughing at something you guys say.
    I should really comment right after I listen cause now I forget what I wanted to say, but great job guys!

  • whoisles

    Well where do I start, that episode was AWSOME! I tell you guys, having Nina on there was a brilliant move. This is not a case of having a person on there just to fill a space, but to have someone like Ferret with the financial side and Nina with the competitive side on there and to have the lads doing there thing is a winner in my books.
    Nina, you maybe nervous and don’t like your voice on the cast but you have a fan here. Your insights to deck construction and card evaluation is spot on. I don’t give a crap about any of the other stuff, I can just hear a very good player that is passionate about this game we love and someone with a no bullshit attitude. I really hope you become a regular on Heavy Meta.
    Well done team, a great cast and something to listen to over and over again.

  • derfington

    Great cast! Nina, you were awesome, dropping that knowledge for days! And you never count out the Ferret, who sidles in out of nowhere with all the finance angles. I got nothing nice to say about Kevy and Matty; fuckers locked me in a cage for three weeks! J/K I got carrots for y’all <3
    I’m balls-deep in a commission right now, but I think there might be time in the future for a magpie-themed avatar…

    • MattyStudios

      derfington DERF THAT PIE!

  • KelvinMai

    Great show guys, I even made it through the shout outs 😀
    Also when you were talking about brewers I’m surprised no one mentioned Travis Woo for his Omnidoor or Primal Surge decks. Attacking for 32 septillion is a lot.

  • 0000

    oh shit nina, shout out to and from Toronto! also shout out to HT North !

  • Ben Storm

    Nina – I’ve done drafts a bunch of times, and it is rare I win a single game, let alone a match. Some of the things you said is stuff I had no idea about and I hope it will make me a better drafter in future. Really enjoyed you being involved in the cast, I think this is one of my favourite Heavy Metas so far.
    Ferret – What the heck happened dude? Usually you shout down other guests, this episode you struggled to get heard!
    Loved the cast, great work as always. It always amazes me that you can get two of the biggest loudmouths in existence, Kevy and Matt, and then still find guests who can stand up to you and get some words in.
    Oh, I played Gruul at Pre-release and had an even worse time than Kevy did. I pulled an Aurelias fury and then no creatures at less than 4/5 casting cost. By the time my deck got going, I was generally so close to dead it didn’t matter. 0-4 ing is not a lot of fun. Still love Gruul though.

    • MTGOFerret

      Ben Storm i know right!? We all have off days and Nina stepped right on up and hit it out of the park :p

  • Evanb

    I have listened to every single Heavy Meta podcast from start to shout out. I have never felt the need to comment but that all changed this week…
    This was the best cast EVAR!. Not Close. Usually I get half-hard during my HM time but this week I got all the way to robo-boner.
    Nina you were awesome!
    MattyStudios @kevey, Get her on as a permanent host. She provides the perfect balance for your guys’ uncontrolled enthusiasum and hyper-puppyism. She has the experience and competetive angle that your cast has lacked up until this week.
    Even the thought of tuning in next week and not having this quality content is making me impotent. I beg you guys to unleash the rager every week!

  • Tha_Ruckus

    Lock Nina up in the cage next to Derf and don’t let her out unless its to cast. This episode was great and you know me I have been around since #1, Ferret is awesome Matty and Kevy Rock as always but Nina hmm thinking new Co-Host! anyway keep up nice work #HeavyMetaSVU

    • MattyStudios

      Tha_Ruckus Dude we have been telling Nina that since day one!