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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013

Heavy Meta #32 – Pack Cracking Modern Masters

Heavy Meta #32 – Pack Cracking Modern Masters

This week none other than Tristan Gregson swings by the cave and cracks Modern Masters packs with the boys. We go in depth with TSG and really get to ask some insightful questions on Modern, Limited product, proxies, and then hear TSG’s thoughts on the whole subject. Of course Matty could not let the cast go without touching on the Channel Fireball controversy and we get a clear answer to it, finally. It’s short, but crystal clear.

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@MTGOFerret – Lover of the V4 Client
@TristanGregson – Master of Cube and Part time TV Star


  • Sweet, I got the website just in time to download it!

  • PSA: thoughtseize has since been spoiled to be in M14 so I obviously no longer suggest to buy them but rather to sell them asap and rebuy after M14 drafts have started.

  • got a bob, doing another draft of modern masters tonight

  • RobotLarge

    Matty and Kevy are away in Vegas this weekend and I’ve got the keys to the cave. You know what that means? PARTY!!

    SVU Cast #1
    Saturday June 22 2013
    7:00pm PST to at least 9:00pm PST

    Due to there being no HeavyMeta cast this week, I decided the SVU should step in and take up the slack. At the same time, I thought it would be a great way to get to know some of the SVU members better. We’ll open up the cave, have some people over, and see what makes the SVU tick. Along the way we’ll discuss some magic, have some fun, and there will even be a give-away that I’ll announce on the podcast.

    The Proxy Guy has jumped in and offered to be my co-host for the evening which is really awesome because apparently he’s never been on a cast before. We’ll be his first!

    How do YOU take part in this epic start? To join the SVU cast #1 you’ll need:

    1) Skype, a Skype account, and a microphone
    2) Send an email to with your Twitter handle AND your Skype name.
    3) I will email you back with a general time to be on Skype to join the cast.
    4) Probably also a good idea to send me a friend request in Skype. My account is “RobotLarge”

    To try and get a bunch of people on the cast I’ll be slotting people in for roughly 30 minute appearances. You’ll be appearing in groups, to maximize participation. If you’re given a slot, be patient if we’re running a bit behind. I’ve never done this before, and the exact moment I bring you in will depend on the flow of the show.

    Some come out of the shadows, members of the SVU! Come on what I hope will be an epic cast. Tell us about yourselves. Show everyone why the SVU is a thriving community of the best people!

  • Kar Yung Tom

    Ferret, can you elaborate on why you hate Phantom drafts? I may have missed this on a previous episode.

    • But in short no product =’s no go for me unless insane EV and um yeah Phantom drafts are not high EV last time i checked they were actually lower then a normal draft.
      But hell maybe im old fashioned that way the same way that I feel that paper players are old fashioned for not adopting MTGO. *shrugs*

  • TSG: I <3 that in the same breath you say you don't want to discuss proxies, then give me some love for the Beta renders. I'm consistently amazed by the reach that proxies have.