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Posted by on Oct 14, 2016

HeavyMeta #182 – The Mad Mind of Matty Studios

HeavyMeta #182 – The Mad Mind of Matty Studios

Matty Studios has been let out of Tony’s Maple Syrup Dungeon just long enough to ham it up a bit during Kaladesh Prerelease. He spills the frank’n’beans on everything that has been grinding his gears as of late. Then Matty gives us the skinny on how the Hasbro turkeys want to further rake the players over the coals of profit. And lots of pumpkin-pie in the sky future plans for desert. Special guest appearance by the Heavy Meta Waitress.

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  • Joe

    What a shitty cast. Just two fools sitting around complaining.

    If you think WoTCis doing such a shitty job with Magic, stop playing it.