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Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

HeavyMeta #85 – Summer of the Movie

HeavyMeta #85 – Summer of the Movie

This week the cave goes off the rails further then ever before. The boys talk M15 and GP Portland with RagingGumby, and then, well we have a warning. Please be advised.

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  • inkyscholar

    Nice work gentlemen! A new catch phrase and new shopping tips. Thanks for the episode.

  • Mark D

    Nice episode guys! Although Matty owes a Teddy Ruxpin (which sounds like wanking spider in Dutch) story that was lost in the summer of the movie.

  • David | Halfie

    RagingGumby why are you planning to go off turn 4 with ANT using act on impluse? card shouldnt ever see play in storm and on turn 4 you shouldnt need that card to go off…..

    • David Moline

      I am not an experienced legacy player and I was only saying the card is only very good in theory in a deck that has free spells. I have only just started playing legacy and play sneak and show and jund. Sorry to disgrace the storm players out there. Hope you can forgive me.

      • David | Halfie

        No worries bro…I sounded quite harsh haha bad day combod with hearing about that card and modern/legacy storm all day just annoyed me to death ahha my apologises and sweet sweet im currently finishing off reanimator as griselbrand is sweet and my last legacy tournie I got a massive headache playing storm and figured reanimator is easier to play but is just as rewarding to master as i get to play force

  • Moses

    Yep, certified Gold. One of Heavy Meta’s best hits.