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Posted by on Jul 11, 2014

HeavyMeta #86 – Crazy Train

HeavyMeta #86 – Crazy Train

With poor Matty out of commission this week with a mysterious lower body injury, Kevy Metall is joined in the HeavyMeta cave by friend of the show TSG, and none other than Ryan Bushard from Brainstorm Brewery. Hold on tight for nearly 3 hours of Heavy Meta content, because this train’s about to get crazy!

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  • MattyStudios

    Unreal editing for the show @oilandgasdad incredible movie intro.

  • Nick

    sweet, can’t wait to delivery this euphoric listening experience upon my ear drums. hopefully I have the endurance required to make it threw in one go. 3 hrs is making good on the “heavy” part of heavymeta.

  • Bruce Lee

    This was well structured and refreshing. It’s like Planar Chaos Heavy Meta.
    Both are awesome, just in different ways.