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Posted by on Jul 18, 2014

HeavyMeta #87 – Green Machine

HeavyMeta #87 – Green Machine

This week @Aw3someEveryDay drops by the cave to talk about the #greenMachine modern deck, SDCC PW Cards, being so awesome, and more. The boys end on some bizarre viewer mail that leads down the ever familiar rabbit hole you have all known and come to love.


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  • Mishkin

    Hi, can anyone link to the article that was written by the guy who left WotC. Thanks!

  • Jason Manuel

    Here’s the link to Jon Louck’s blog –

  • Peter Schreier

    🙂 Thanks for the shout out!

  • Samite Mystic

    Seriously fellas, please stop swearing so much. Its terrible and lacking in class when I have to shut you off because my 3 year old around. I would like to enjoy the show but can you please do it with a little more respect to your listeners needs.

    • Alec Gbot Roberts


    • MattyStudios

      There is little hope of controlling Kevy with regards to swearing. Sorry 🙁

  • Pavel

    This ‘cast sounded more like Eh Team while one of the Eh Team’s recent ones sounded like Heavy Meta. Mutation and cross-breeding!

  • Alec Gbot Roberts

    Trying to Build this on modo, Why the Hell is Noble Hierarch $34? Thought this was meant to be a $70 deck.

    • TonyCameron

      I can direct you to a budget version. I also don’t have/play nobles online. I just use elvish mystics.
      The list above, 1.3 us meant to be more competetive(?) A lot of slots are debatable.