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Posted by on Jan 11, 2017

HypeClub #1 – It’s Time to Get Hyped

HypeClub #1 – It’s Time to Get Hyped

Welcome to the debut episode of HypeClub. The Magic podcast that follows the journey of two of the hypest Magic personalities on the planet. Follow Matty and Tony as they explore how to play this game in every aspect from meta, deck brews, and financially.

In this Ep, the boys eagerly await the B&R announcement live on cast. While they wait they talk Frontier and the organic assault it’s having on the worldwide community, new brews, and what the potential bannings may be. Listen as they are shocked at what WotC actually bans.


Closing Track – Come down on me | Lemon Jelly

  • Nicholas

    Frontier talk and hype is the bomb!

    • Tony Cameron

      Thanks for listening!
      Tune is next week for more #Hype!