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Posted by on Jun 22, 2017

HypeClub #23 – 3 Things. Vegas Recap.

HypeClub #23 – 3 Things. Vegas Recap.

This week the boys attempt a quick recap of vegas, Invocations, Frontier recap, The art show, Top Golf epicness and preview the North American Frontier Champs.

Frontier events – 16 rounds over 4 days
Matty’s record 11-4-1 – Super friends
Tony’s record 10-5-1 – Day 1 Marvel, Day 2 Mardu Dragons, Day 3 The Banned Wagon, Day 4 4c Saheeli (CherkBUTT’s list from the ultimate showdown)

Eric – Grixis Ensoul
Bridget – WW
Bridget’s Partner – Atarka Red
Sam – 4 horsemen/ Rally
Sam’s friend – Bant Humans
Kaitlyn – Atarka Red
Bruce – Mono Red
Colin – 8 Souls
Graham – UW Control
Other Decks – Rally, UR Tutelage, Esper Control, BG Scales.

Day 4 have EVERY player on a different deck!

Grand Prix Toronto Friday 12pm –
$2500.00 prize pool. I will be there playing and hope to see you all there! Beat Me , Matty or Monkey for a sweet bounty (Mountie) prize too!

Pics to follow with the hashtag #MagicArtShow

HypeClub Playmats – Available Now for a limited time only at Face To Face Toronto. Contact @awesomeSauceMTG for details on ordering. 🙂

  • 2 mats shipped anywhere in US $50 USD
  • 2 mats shipped anywhere in CAN $65 CAN
  • 1 playmat shipped anywhere in Canada $35 CAD
  • OR $19.95 in store

Youtube | AwesomeSauceMTG



Closing Track – Dream Fiend – Night Flight

  • Flaat

    Awesome to hear your week at gp Vegas! Greetings from Amsterdam, maybe next time I will be able to get there! I need Matties decklist though!