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Posted by on Mar 8, 2017

HypeClub #9 – Snap Keep

HypeClub #9 – Snap Keep

This week the crew talk MOCS coverage; Why two pros in the booth is the best viewing experience; impact of MM3; Master sets confirmed to happen again and again, so this is not the last go for mega staples reprints; When to buy singles; What to buy now’ What are we upgrading in our decks from mm3; spoiler seasons and how we can improve it by moving it up closer to release date; B&R potential unbannings; Tips on finding new modern decks and cards interactions; How many decks make a healthy format; What is a Grixis box and why this a great new way to organize deck ideas; Maro acknowledges that full art lands are the most popular mechanic by far of all time; Storyline theories for Amonket.

Best Draft site for Sets.

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HypeClub Merch – Update. Printed and on its way to me! USA orders should start shipping this week 🙂

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Closing Track – Lee Perry and the Upsetters – Scratch the Dub Organizer
Banner Original Art

  • Bruce Lee

    My Hype 3

    1 – Aetherworks Marvel
    With another set on the horizon that means more haymaker spells that can be cheated into play with Marvel. Casting 8+ mana stuff on turn four is always HYPE.

    2 – Cryptbreaker
    We are not far off from having a fully fledged Zombie deck in standard and the zombies in Amonkhet could push this card over the edge.

    3 – Theros Scryland Temples in Amonkhet
    Sure this is a cycle of lands. But everyone loved the Temples from 2014 and they were all given non “plane specific” names meaning they can be in any place. They’re balanced. They’re thematic for Amonkhet. They’re HYPE!