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Posted by on Nov 3, 2017

Men From Modo #41 – Fear and Loathing in Ixalan

Men From Modo #41 – Fear and Loathing in Ixalan

David Savill & Travis Sowers discuss Ixalan as a format. Is it the worst limited set ever? Best set ever? Would you pack 1 pick one Ixalan? Also MODO PTQs explained, and Travis considers standard for the upcoming MOCS!

You can find us on Twitter at:

@dsavillian – David Savill
@Semulin – Travis Sowers

You can find us on Twitch at:

dsavillian – David Savill
Semulin – Travis Sowers

  • Doug Greenwood

    Hey guys, I just finished listening to this week’s show, and thought it was really great. It was so refreshing to hear a reasoned discussion of why Ixalan Draft isn’t terrible, and I fely tou came up with some great points – the most notable of which regarded potent removal vs crappy creatures. I feel that the inevitable downturn in quality after Hour limited also cannot be stated enough. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love the current format, but I really don’t think that it is at all ‘bad’ – not even close to it.
    I find it interesting that Travis is more into Draft than Sealed this format, that being in contrast to Marshall (LR) feeling the opposite – horses for courses, clearly.
    Thanks for the show as always, from your loyal stream lurker Duke_Voodoo

    • David Savill

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I wonder if this set would be better received if it was printed immediately after Kaladesh block or sometime around BFZ

      Modern magic sets are very high quality, when it comes to limited. I believe we are living in a golden age of magic when it comes to draft formats.

      • Doug Greenwood

        Mechanics wise, nothing is either awful or overpowering in Ixalan. The colours are all fairly well balanced too. Imagine how well received the set would have been if it had come immediately after BFZ!
        I’ve only been drafting since Khans – though I started playing Magic and watching streams during original Innistrad – but I can honestly sat that outside of Origins (which was coloured by my poor performance during the set) that I’ve enjoyed playing them all. Even BFZ, which still had some great play to it so long as you weren’t the one stuck drafting Converge.

    • Travis Sowers

      Thank you for the Kind words, Doug!