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Posted by on Dec 1, 2017

Men From Modo #45 – Building a Better Community

Men From Modo #45 – Building a Better Community

David Savill & Travis Sowers have some thoughts about recent events in the Magic community. Magic is for everyone. Everyone that wants to play should be able to, while feeling safe and having fun. We’ll talk about Magic the game again next week but this week, we’ve got to set a few things straight.

You can find us on Twitter at:

@dsavillian – David Savill
@Semulin – Travis Sowers

You can find us on Twitch at:

dsavillian – David Savill
Semulin – Travis Sowers

  • Doug Greenwood

    I finished listening to this episode a few moments ago and immediately said out loud ‘thank you guys’. I then realised I should come here and type it too.

    Thank you guys. And also, good work.

    • David Savill

      Thanks to you for listening, and thanks for the compliment!