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Posted by on Dec 6, 2011

Pardon the Interrupt #1

Shamelessly ripping off one of their favorite sports shows, Bryan Gottlieb and Joel Paradee bring us a new podcast: Pardon the Interrupt. Listen as the two hosts only allow themselves a few minutes to talk about each topic.

Pardon the Interrupt is the 3rd podcast series to come out of Mana Deprived, joining the Eh Team and Crazy Talk.

Standard Open
Legacy Open
SCG Live
SCG Invitational

Power 9
Pro Tour 2013

Big Finish
Phantom Queues
Breakout Card
Invitational Winner
What Are We Playing?

You can find us on Twitter at:
@PTIMTG – The official Pardon the Interrupt account
@BryanGo – Bryan Gottlieb
@JoelParadee – Joel Paradee

  • PolishTamales

    The format’s a bit fast, but it’s much better than half the stuff on MTGcast. Loved that they grilled SCG’s coverage, but needs varying trumpet sounds or cut it all together (vibe doesn’t match with random Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament). Great topics though.

    • BryceMenard

      @PolishTamales All of the sound effects were taken from MTGO

      • PolishTamales

        @BryceMenard Oh dear GOD. Has it always been like that since launch cause it has not aged well.

        • BryceMenard

          @PolishTamales It’s always been that bad haha

  • TankofJank

    Loved how it was short and to the point. No Durdling on things till they are dead. Looking forward to episode 2.

  • Hi

    Needs intro music! I’m sure Tony and Mike wouldn’t mind if you borrowed theirs..


  • Sean

    This is actually…pretty awesome! I like PTI, and so i immediately warmed to this format. keep it up!

  • JesseSmith

    Bravo! Talent, coherent thoughts, flow, good players making smart commentary. Surprisingly prepared there were times I stopped comparing it to PTI because it felt like I was listening to ESPN’s version. Best new podcast this year and it won’t be close.

  • JoshuaLemish

    Great podcast wish it was a bit longer but honestly rock solid thanks a ton!

  • livewithfrank

    This is like a blowjob. Short, sweet, to the point, and you always want more.

  • Can’t thank you guys enough for listening and all the love. It’ll only get better from here!

  • Zanthir

    I view “value traders” like they’re running little stores. You can usually get the card you’re looking for if you’re willing to lose a little value. My local game shop gives me a little more than half of sale price in store credit for cards on their buy list. I can usually do a little better than this with a “value trader.” I just don’t have that many friends that play magic, and the one friend who does is such a hoarder/collector that he is a real pain in the ass to trade with, even if they are more fair trades. He just never wants to trade anything of value. So, in the interest of time and money, I value “value traders.”

  • PaulCammarata

    Great podcast, exceptional for there first time for sure. Could of been a bit longer but they got so much good content packed into it that it felt like it was longer than it really was.

    While I did enjoy the information it was a bit too much “just the facts” than I would prefer. The reason I really love the other casts on this site is the great conversations and randomness that comes out of them at times. Once they get in a good groove and really let their personalities come out I think we will see pure gold out of these guys.

  • Fabulous

    As a huge fan of the real PTI I really enjoyed this format for a podcast. Looking forward to more.

  • Johnathan Bentley

    I very much enjoyed this, and look forward to more in the future! Will there be a way for users to submit “talking points”?

    • JoelParadee

      @Johnathan Bentley we are taking Mail Bag questions anytime at our twitter account @PTIMTG or at our email address I’m planing to send out little magic related things (artist proofs, mtg rubix cube, playmats from events, etc) to people who send good questions.

  • jcjlee

    You guys need to disagree more. Is this PTI or Pardon the Durdle?! Get up in each others’ faces and relentlessly give reasons why the schmuck across from you is wrong.

  • AffinityForBlue

    Really fun show guys, and great concept. I love the use of the MTGO sound effects 🙂

    And thanks for the props (honestly I expected you to rag on me, heh).Looking forward to the next show! Any chance this is going on MTGCast or iTunes? Makes it easier to listen to on my iPhone.

  • Spencer13H

    i totally thought i was entering my attack step half way through the first six minutes of this cast when those horns went off lol

  • Kerrydan

    I absofrickinlutely LOVED the short-and-to-the-point length of this podcast. Please don’t make it any longer than 25 minutes. There are TONS of 2-hour Magic podcasts out there. The Magic world needs good concise podcast content.You both have great “radio” voices. Very professional-sounding. I agree with Smi77y, it was like listening to the original PTI.And not that you asked, but if you’re looking for new names so that you’re not so obvious a copy of the original PTI, may I suggest “On the Stack” or “In Response To”…? (But I do get the old school Magic reference to interrupts) 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next episode!