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Pairings, Round #7 – Ari Lax

Pairings, Round #7 – Ari Lax: 10/24/2014

Chris sits down with the newest Pro Tour champion Ari Lax to talk about his deck, his draft strategy, Loathsome Catoblepas, Paralyzing Grasp and more!

HeavyMeta #100

HeavyMeta #100: 10/24/2014

We made it! This week the boys welcome Tristan Gregson and David Moline to the cast as new members.

SVU Fancast #15 – The Batman

SVU Fancast #15 – The Batman: 10/22/2014

Episode 15 is not the episode we deserved but the episode we needed. Join us while we talk with KYT, the king of ManaDeprived!

Top 8 Magic #393 – Garbage Fight!

Top 8 Magic #393 – Garbage Fight!: 10/22/2014

Brian returns from sunny Honolulu! Mike’s Grand Prix Trial win! And an honest-to-gosh Garbage Fight in the middle of the street!

MTGin3D #011 – Should Have Haste

MTGin3D #011 – Should Have Haste: 10/21/2014

We are back with our Khans of Tarkir Cube Set Review! Join us in this card-by-card discussion and let us know where you stand regarding the new cards!

The Eh Team #201 – Always Bring the Crossbow

The Eh Team #201 – Always Bring the Crossbow: 10/20/2014

KYT, Mr. ScottyMac and Jeremey get together to record episode 201 of the Eh Team.