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The Eh Team #199 – Bringing the Eh Game

The Eh Team #199 – Bringing the Eh Game: 10/13/2014

It’s episode 199, and the Eh Team is back together just in time for the Pro Tour.

The Smooth Brothas #15 – Super Hyphy

The Smooth Brothas #15 – Super Hyphy: 10/10/2014

Khan of Tarkir is out and the brothas are talking about the cool new cards.

HeavyMeta #98 – PT Khans Preview

HeavyMeta #98 – PT Khans Preview: 10/10/2014

With one of the best introductions ever given to this cast–by none other than Jack LaCroix–the boys settle in and talk about how to start a podcast, tips, and where to publish, all before they talk Khans PT preview.

SVU Fancast #14 – Sex Panther

SVU Fancast #14 – Sex Panther: 10/08/2014

Episode 14 of the SVU cast is brought to you by Sex Panther. 60% of the time, it works every time.

The Eh Team #198 – Panda Points

The Eh Team #198 – Panda Points: 10/06/2014

KYT and Mr Scotty Mac are joined by MTGO Community Cup teammate and competition (respectively), Mariah Pagliocco and her father Tony (TPup!).

HeavyMeta #97 – Deflecting Scales

HeavyMeta #97 – Deflecting Scales: 10/03/2014

This week the boys and TSG talk the MDSS Modern 6k, Green Machine, Hardening Scales and Deflecting Palm. Then Slick Jagger crashes the cave to incite War!