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HeavyMeta #99 – One Last Time

HeavyMeta #99 – One Last Time: 10/17/2014

Well… this is it, folks. The last time HeavyMeta will ever be as you knew it.

Across the Table #38 – Newly Resurrected Jason Thurston

Across the Table #38 – Newly Resurrected Jason Thurston: 10/16/2014

Not too long ago, my friend Jason Thurston died. In this week’s Across the Table, he’s here to talk about mental illness, suicide, brain surgery, and, of course, death.

The Eh Team #199 – Bringing the Eh Game

The Eh Team #199 – Bringing the Eh Game: 10/13/2014

It’s episode 199, and the Eh Team is back together just in time for the Pro Tour.

The Smooth Brothas #15 – Super Hyphy

The Smooth Brothas #15 – Super Hyphy: 10/10/2014

Khan of Tarkir is out and the brothas are talking about the cool new cards.

HeavyMeta #98 – PT Khans Preview

HeavyMeta #98 – PT Khans Preview: 10/10/2014

With one of the best introductions ever given to this cast–by none other than Jack LaCroix–the boys settle in and talk about how to start a podcast, tips, and where to publish, all before they talk Khans PT preview.

SVU Fancast #14 – Sex Panther

SVU Fancast #14 – Sex Panther: 10/08/2014

Episode 14 of the SVU cast is brought to you by Sex Panther. 60% of the time, it works every time.