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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013

Pro Tour Gatecrash : Deck Techs

Pro Tour Gatecrash : Deck Techs

  • cavemankellen

    @MrScottyMac thats a lot of deck techs

  • AgentofDimir

    @MrScottyMac sad face, I can barely hear what you and @thepchapin are talking about in your deck tech with scotty. Boourns!

    • MrScottyMac

      @AgentofDimir @thepchapin yeah I know. Patrick was layin down the knowledge too!!! Turn it up. It was ok listening on my phone.

  • tylerthefro

    @MrScottyMac Love the sheer volume of content. Could use a better mic though. Awesome job overall.

    • MrScottyMac

      @tylerthefro Thanks. Next time! @derfington @derfington killed it as my camera man.

      • derfington

        @MrScottyMac Slow pan crotch shots FTW @tylerthefro

      • Corazu

        @MrScottyMac @tylerthefro @derfington From what little I’ve seen, you looked very sharp. Audio was…as expected in that environment though

      • tylerthefro

        @MrScottyMac @derfington Camerawork was great. Should there be a next time, I’d say bring a lapel mic or two. Makes a world of difference.

  • herkamurjones

    @MrScottyMac you look so much different than i imagined based on your voice..sweet job tho! glad you got @MtGMatthias in there!

  • kostompy

    @AliEldrazi That card is so… YOU 😉

  • ckckid
    Not an original Aintrazi brew.  Right up his ally (Ali?), but wasn’t the first to be successful with it.

  • cracklotus

    Gerry invited himself on the Eh Team, you gotta take him up on that right? It would be awesome.