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Posted by on Apr 16, 2014

SVU Fancast #10 – Explosive Birthdays

SVU Fancast #10 – Explosive Birthdays

Going back to the roots of why we started the cast, this episode we chat with two more members of the SVU. Chad is a military man, an artist, and was blown up by an IED on his birthday. Patrick is the community vote winner from the Booze Cube contest, also an artist, and seems to like guys named Chad. As if all that wasn’t enough reason to listen, we also bring you another story from Jack Lacroix.

Oh.. and be sure to listen for the special show intro and how you can participate.

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Special thanks to Chad and Patrick for joining us. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

Make sure to listen to Heavy Meta and check out all the great stuff at ManaDeprived!

  • Mike Ringer

    Thanks again to Chad and Patrick for joining us on the cast. These are real stand up guys and everyone should be following them on twitter.

    What did everyone think of Martin’s show intro? I thought it was awesome and I really appreciate Martin doing this for us. We’d LOVE to do more of these, so put your thoughts together and make us something! Email it to robotlarge at g mail dot com and we’ll use it on the show. I don’t care if it’s funny, serious, long or short. (not too long though). The most important part is that it’s “you”. This is your SVU cast and we are constantly looking for new ways for the community to take part in it. Kind of like Jack’s stories.. what did you think about this one?

    Shout out to our audio guy, Jason Mong who ran filter after filter to try and tame down the audio noise from Chad’s mic. These kinds of things happen, but it’s awesome when you have the knowledge to mitigate it. The cast wouldn’t be nearly as good without Jason.

  • Bruce Lee

    If there was more background noise I’d have sworn that Sgt ChompChomp over here was outside. Having heard ChompChomp unfiltered I really can appreciate Jason’s band pass filter work.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve over heard people I know have the debate over 4th Edition, 3.5 and 3rd Edition. I’ve always wanted to play DnD again but with @mikeringer:disqus’s suggestion of playing without a game map. Visual aids seem to constrain the experience from what I’ve heard.

    It’ll be great when someone uses Josh’s Mystic Genesis to break the news to their family or SO.

    It’s a shame the quality of DeadStatic has declined, hopefully the next one will be better.

    • Mike Ringer

      That’s the thing with creative works.. not everything is going to resonate with everyone all the time. I’m sure Jack has some impressive stuff planned for the future so hopefully next time it’ll be something you like, Bruce.

  • @disqus_DNjOrOeATu:disqus The Lamb was an initial request of Mike from a while back. I promise to be back to disturbing quality soon 😉 School has kept me incredibly busy. I’m thinking either “To Whom It May Concern”, about an anonymous letter I received, or “The Realtor” will be up post-The Lamb part 2. Keep your ears peeled! Oh, wait. Don’t do that. That actually sounds painful.

    The guests were a prime choice this week, as both are guys I’ve started following recently and have come to like. Also, the audio work, despite the occasional background noise, was excellent. Jason adds a ton to my work, and I can’t thank him enough for it.

    • Mike Ringer

      Jason is the shit.. he brings the cast to a new level

  • PaperShaman

    Audio issues be damned, this was another really great cast boys. Chad and Patrick were awesome. It’s always cool hearing the back story behind how these guys got started playing and how they found themselves here in our community. The D&D tangent you guys went on was awesome for me as well, as I’ve been a D&D fan for about 10 years now. My favorite part though was when Josh tells the story of the couple that got engaged using his render. Something like that is once in a lifetime it seems, and it made me have the feels. As always, you guys are doing something really awesome and unique here, and I hope this just keeps growing with the community.

    I wasn’t quite expecting the Jack LaCroix story at the end, but I got to admit, I was/am intrigued. I haven’t heard storytelling quite like that in a while. It’s one thing to read the story for yourself, but another thing entirely to have the writer read it to you the way he intended for it to be read. I hope you guys keep making this a regular segment.

    Long live HMSVU!

    • Mike Ringer

      Thanks dude. I’m glad the stuff Jack is doing is going over well with the listeners. Keep an eye out this week for the Good Times cast that we record at my LGS. This latest episode is an entire D&D session. 🙂

  • TheProxyGuy

    Link to the Rarities blog post and the story and pics from Don regarding the Proposal.

    His fiance’s name is Sunni, and he is thrilled to have their story shared with the community.

    • Mike Ringer

      This was a great story. Thanks for sharing it with everyone, Josh