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Posted by on Apr 30, 2014

SVU Fancast #11 – Welcome to Home Depot

SVU Fancast #11 – Welcome to Home Depot

Episode 11! This episode we bust out another special intro from the SVU community as we talk to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) and Stephen Raphael (@steveraffle). Jason is the man behind the curtain for the SVU cast and we get a chance to hear about what makes him tick. We also learn that he has a hobby outside of Magic that all the SVU can relate to. Stephen Raphael is one hell of an artist and is getting known for doing awesome Twitter avatars. Listen to the cast to find out how you can win a custom avatar from Stephen, and also how we managed to embarrass his girlfriend right on the cast!

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@theproxyguy – Josh Putz

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Special thanks to Jason and Steven for joining us. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

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  • Chad G

    The Brewing Table sounds like a fun cast to hear, get on that!

    • Mike Ringer

      Yeah it’s definitely on my to do list now. 🙂

  • T_Moles

    great cast guys!! I Met Jason once, but i dont think ive met steven yet, hopefully that’ll change in july at GPMasshole

    • Stephen Raffael

      I feel like we’ve been in the same location before at the same time, but not since knowing you on the twitterverse. And I’m going to GP Masshole dead or alive! So we can meet face to face or face to corpse at the very least.

  • Nick El Nutz

    Good cast guys. Took me back to episode 0 having both Jason and Stephen on at the same time.

  • Stephen Raffael

    I say this every time and it will sound extremely arrogant, but another great show as always! I’m privileged to step into the spotlight with you three. I appreciate everyone for listening to me ramble on about stuff. Pretty good stuff, right? Though, I wanna be serious for a second. I have an ego, but I am truly humbled by this community. You guys are always there for advice, support and just the random conversation. This is the best community in the whole damn world and I’m happy you’re all in it. Every single one of you are the god damn best!
    Now, on to business. Get those entries in and show us the wonders of your weekend! Provide us with whimsy!

  • GUDoug

    good times as always and Mr. Raffael is so charming.

  • Andrew Fielder

    Another really enjoyable cast guys.

    On the subject of computers playing magic, I think what Josh is talking about is what we consider “Solving the game”, which means that all decision branches in the game have been accounted for and from start to finish the game’s outcome can be calculated from any given state. This would be completely unrealistic for a computer to be able to compute for Magic (chess system use sophisticated algorithms to ‘prune’ game brances so they can look further ahead into the game). However, it would be feasible to construct a program that within the framework of MTGO or similar would be able to play a game at the highest level (or even higher) without the requirement to solve the game using some form or Artificial Intelligence (which I won’t go into, suffice to say that it would be horribly complicated and exciting to only me… probably).

    Anyway a (terrible) picture of my pre-release:

  • lindsay althea ♡

    I only wanted to draw something to be a part of the fun. I don’t want Stephen to draw me an avatar.. for god sakes I don’t want him to draw me an avatar! >8(
    #foreveralone #butthatrickandmortyfacethough