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Posted by on Dec 4, 2013

SVU Fancast #2 – Insight

SVU Fancast #2 – Insight

This episode Mike and Josh spend time with Trevor Holness (@tholness), one of the original SVU. After discussing what’s up with “The Factory”, Trevor opens up about his personal struggles with depression. After a brief round table discussion on the Internet controversy surrounding Heavy Meta, everyone gets some new homework!

Factory worker links:

Make sure to listen to Heavy Meta and check out all the great stuff at ManaDeprived!

Your homework:

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Special thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

  • Link to this has been added to GBS!

    (been really looking forward to this one)

  • Guess I should start commenting in the actual comments and not twitter. This was an amazing episode and I am so proud to be a part of the SVU.

    • RobotLarge

      Hit us up on both! Seriously.. this community only grows if people interract with us. Tell us what you think.. maybe the subject affected you personally. Ask us questions.. tell us we’re full of shit.. the important part is the dialogue

      • You’re full of shit…uh….wait a sec 🙂

        • RobotLarge

          I guess I left the door wide open for

  • It was great to hear you guys talk about a difficult topic in such a reasoned and rational manner. I feel the ability to do this is severely lacking in society and I applaud you guys from putting yourselves out there. I hope that this allows people to better recognize issues of mental health for themselves, their families and their friends. I feel like I have learned a lot about my own mental health, and I believe that we are a better society for these discussions.

    • I’m still catching up on my podcast listening but I’m completely agree with the above sentiment. I think those of us who discuss mental health freely for work or among peers occasionally forgot how much of a gulf there is between people who are familiar with the issue and those who don’t know how to approach it. So kudos for working towards making this stuff “mainstream” conversation. Stigma is a real damper to progress at times so any productive discussion is a real step forward to knocking down walls.

    • RobotLarge

      That’s a really thoughtful comment, Eli. Thank you. You summed up exactly why we thought this topic would be one to tackle

    • Thanks Eli, this is quite the compliment. I truly hope that this starts some discussions with people in the community.

  • I gotta say guys, this was a feel good episode. Mike and Josh, you both have such a friendly vibe as hosts and make it feel like we’re all sitting around, relaxing and shooting the breeze. Of course, Heavy Meta is drunken story time at the bar, so you both provide a great and varied experience. I love hearing from our brothers in the SVU, and Trevor you’re no exception. The discussion about mental health was informative(not the boring kind either) and will help out many listeners with/without these problems. Bang up job all of you!

    • I’m glad that you found what I had to say informative.

      I want to echo Stephen’s comment about Mike and Josh. This is a very sensitive topic but you guys handled it so well, and you created an environment where it was very easy to talk about this stuff.

      • RobotLarge

        Thanks guys. We really want to create an atmosphere where it’s just a couple of people sitting around the bar chatting. As I said in the cast, I really appreciate Josh and Trevor being open to discuss an issue like this. It’s intensely personal, and I thank you Trevor for trusting us with it.

  • Nick Elnutz

    Everybody has said everything I was going to, and more eloquently as well so I’ll just add it’s another great cast guys. Also, I was that lonely soul that didn’t like the SVU cocktail.

    • You can count me as another one who didn’t try the SVU Cocktail. I guess that’s kinda obvious tho 🙂

      • RobotLarge

        I wonder what the non-alcoholic version of the SVU would be?

    • RobotLarge

      Ah yes! I couldn’t for the life of me remember who it was. I’m glad you enjoyed the cast more than the

  • AK (PitScorpion)

    Mental illness hits close with me. Multiple family members suffer from different types of this disease. Some are no longer with us because of the disease. My wife works in mental health.
    This is a topic that I think needs as many platforms as it can get. Having this discussion inside the MTG community is awesome. You guys are the tits! Well done!

    • RobotLarge

      I’m glad this reached people on a personal level. You’re right that it needs to be discussed as openly and honestly as possible. Thanks for the love!

  • Devon

    Fantastic cast, you guys are really putting something incredible and very much needed into the Magic community as a whole. I was amazed at how candid and deep the conversation around mental health went and I don’t feel you guys could have handled the subject any better!

    Keep up the great work!

    • RobotLarge

      Thanks Devon. I really appreciate the feedback. We really owe thanks to Trevor and Josh for being so open to discuss this. They really made this work as well as it did.

  • Kevin Miller(@MillaTK85)

    Awesome cast guys. What I am really starting to get a sense of here in the community(I am just getting back into the game after a 10 year haitus, so I haven’t been around long), is that there are a lot of people who have suffered from illness, disease, hardships, etc. and this is a place where everyone is on a level playing field. What really hit hard with me, in a very positive way, was this cast as well as the recent Deck Tease with Jack, where you guys are just so open about everything, and moreso, how self aware you guys are. The personal insight really got me thinking about my own life, and the struggles I have had, and the reasons behind the problems I have had, and the self destructive nature of my past behavior. I find it awesome that I can be driving in my work truck to a job, listening to a podcast of fans of a podcast that sometimes talks about Magic the Gathering, and I can have these incredibly deep moments of insight, and self awareness, and epiphany. I look forward to further casts, and keep up the good work, and thank you Trevor and Josh for being so open. Mike, you are a great host, and vital part of this community.

    P.S. I had my first experience with Kraken the other day. For some reason, I never noticed/heard of the stuff until Heavy Meta. I was at a Co-Ed baby shower with my girlfriend, who was supposed to be my DD. I came upstairs from playing pool in the basement to her talking with an Irish accent to one of the grandmother’s there. She then proceeded to fill herself another cup of Kraken and coke, as I stood there bewildered by how quickly she became so intoxicated. Shortly thereafter, she fled to the woods because she wanted to go home, and thought she was going to walk the 17 miles home… via the forest. I couldn’t be mad, because, a. we got home safely that night, and b. I could not stop laughing in my head, knowing the culprit was the Kraken, and how much it is talked about. Needless to say I will be sharing my first SVU cocktail with her shortly, fully expecting shenanigans.

  • RobotLarge

    Dude.. this comment is awesome. We’re really trying to put a face to the community so that we come together even more. We’re all real people with real problems and victories. There’s so much more to us than just a twitter handle and I hope our cast shows that. Great Kraken story, BTW. Sounds like you got a keeper there.

  • Great job guys!! Gave me an insight on how people with depression feel and what’s going on inside of them.

    • RobotLarge

      Thanks Tommy. I still hate you for “lands in front”

  • Braden Dafoe

    Great cast on a tough topic. Its strange that the frenetic booze fueled rantings from the Heavy Meta cast spawned a cast like this, the Yin to their Yang. Keep up the good work.

    • RobotLarge

      I appreciate the comment Braden. Lets be honest.. there can only be one Heavy Meta, so we weren’t going to try and be anything like them. 😀

      I’m really proud of our community and getting a chance to feature members of it, is my honor.

  • Hey guys, loved the cast, great job! It’s awesome being a part of such a great community. And when I say community I mean everything. Heavy Meta, the Eh Team, SVU, I listen to it all throughout the week at the gym after work. It’s one of the best parts of my day, and I hope you guys keep up the awesome work you’re doing!

    • RobotLarge

      Thanks Jordan. You’re right.. it really IS one big family.

  • Badass job guys! This 3rd cast was so awesome it completely mind wiped me of the second cast. Which was obviously amazing too….

    You guys need to get TSG on here at some point. Looking forward to the next cast. Spoilers for what the topic is going to be?

    • Mike Ringer

      Thanks Luke! The hint is that our guest is a world traveler. Next show is on Wednesday.

  • Very well done again. Love the challenging topics. You guys are like the NPR of the SVU!

    (Have to test Kraken again but pretty sure it was Kahlua-like and it did pretty much disappear inside of chocolate flavored drinks, while it made Angry Orchard have a baddish aftertaste.)