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Posted by on Jan 8, 2014

SVU Fancast #4 – The Would-Be Priest

SVU Fancast #4 – The Would-Be Priest

Mike and Josh are back from the Christmas and New Years break with guest Chris Plummer. Chris is a musician, a podcaster, a priest.. SAY WHAAAT?!? This SVU cast discusses how sometimes issues such as religion are just too big for some of the media tools we use as a community to communicate. What can we do about that? Listen and see how the discussion goes..

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We’re running another contest! We’d really like to have some new opening music, or a new intro. Maybe even a DJ drop, or an outro. Anything audio! Suggest a song, create something for the cast, it’s up to you! This is your opportunity to make your mark on the cast. If it’s a suggestion, leave a comment on the ManaDeprived page. If it’s a creation, send it to

The winner(s) will recieve a custom proxy from Josh! Something he’s created in the past, something new.. whatever you want! (obviously not a counterfeit card)

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Special thanks to Chris Plummer for joining us and taking on a challenging topic. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

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  • Les Kershaw

    Another SVU cast is live and this one was a goodie

    Ill be honest, when I saw the tweet for questions for the cast I had nothin. It was a problem with asking a question that could be taken wrong or way off the mark. But after listening to the cast, I was honestly impressed.

    It was an open discussion and was not what I thought it would be. Well done lads for tackling the subjects that alot of podcast couldn’t take on, or too afraid to put of there cast.

    and in great Heavy Meta tradition, the after outtro chat had some great ideas and a good listen.

    Keep it up lads!

    • RobotLarge

      Thanks Les. I realized going in that there wouldn’t be very many, if any, questions about this sort of thing. Like you said, there’s just too much chance of it being taken the wrong way.

      The after-chat was the product of me finally remembering to leave the recording going when we end the cast. There has been other epic stuff lost because I was too quick on the trigger. Not this time though! Slowly but surely we’re figuring this podcasting thing out. I can’t wait to get you and Mildy together on the cast for an Aussie versus Kiwi showdown!

  • Devon Seltzer

    I have to say, I never thought a deep conversation about the relationship between religion and geek culture would spawn off of Heavy Meta! Congrats guys on having the guts to tackle such a spiky issue, so what’s next, politics?

    Once again, you have knocked it out of the park. I’m with you guys in terms of belief, I was raised strict Southern Baptist, complete with all the requisite bigotry. When I got out into the real world I realized how wrong I was about so many things and shed the constricting skin of organized religion. I now feel comfortable in following my own path of faith, one that works better for me. I have no problem with any religion or religious person, I have studied lots of faiths to learn my own. I do have a problem with people that use their faith as a shield to justify their hateful beliefs.

    Based on my friends and other people I’ve met in geekdom, I think most of the anti-religious fervor comes from people pushing back against forceful upbringings or negative experience with so called religious people. Thus we end up with an endless cycle of hate that we need to break and just bloody accept people for who they are no matter race, creed, gender or orientation, for crying out loud it’s 2014 now, there’s no excuse for anyone to discriminate against anyone anymore.

    Sorry this turned out to be a novel O_o it’s just a subject I’m passionate about and I was inspired by how good of a job you did tackling it, bravo! I can’t wait until the next one!

    • TheProxyGuy

      Hate is often the product of nothing more than ignorance. Just understanding someone for what they are and why they do what they do is often enough to sway that vitriol..

      • Devon Seltzer

        I couldn’t agree more, that’s pretty much how it went with me.

    • RobotLarge

      No need to appologize for long comments.. we love them! I’m really glad you liked the episode Devon. Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself. We’ll keep making them if you’ll keep listening. 🙂

  • T_Moles

    Great episode gentlemen! was a little wary about the religious undertones, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    i was very involved in my youth group as a teenager. met a lot of friends, traveled to Rome to see the Vatican and the pope with the group. I even considered joining the adults once i graduated high school and wasn’t able to attend as a teen, but never did. i did help the local archdiocese with some youth rally’s and stuff, but nothing else ever came out of it.

    • RobotLarge

      Wow.. you’ve been to the Vatican? Maybe you should go back and repent for your “lands in front” sins.. Tommy.. 😉

      • T_Moles

        Yes, I went to Italy with a group of my friends and about 200 people from the Archdiocese of Boston in August of 2000. It’s a thing they do every couple of years called world youth day, not every time is it in Rome, but luckily it was when we went.
        The culmination of the event was a overnight stay in a field and mass the next morning lead by Pope John Paul II.

        • Chris Plummer

          World Youth Day during the Jubilee Year at the Vactican?! Consider me super jealous.

          • RobotLarge

            Sounds like a heck of a trip. I’m not religious but even I would go on a trip like that. 🙂

    • TheProxyGuy

      Hopefully we exceeded your expectations for the content subject. I think the fact that you were wary of it shows us that it is indeed a topic that needed some time in the light.

  • Davey Crockett

    Nice cast guys, sorry to hear that you had such a small amount of entries for the contest. I dusted off the ole Photoshop and put a little something together. Felt good and I might have to start earlier on my submission next time.

    Keep up the good topics, I like how you’re asking the tough questions without trying to provoke controversy.

    • RobotLarge

      Well it’s a great time to dust off photoshop and get back in there. As for controversy.. I’m at a point in my life where I really don’t have time or the patience for it. We’ll keep trying to tackle tough topics though. If you have anything in mind, let us know!

    • TheProxyGuy

      It’s not that they are necessarily topics intended to provoke controversy. We just want to have a chat with member’s of this community and what is important to who they are away from the game, If it’s depression, or religion, so be it.

  • Pearsall

    I really enjoyed this episode. I had a discussion over homo sexuality and Christianity, not saying who was on what side, on a the Planeswalkers For diversity group and it followed a lot of those good guidelines. We were very civil, we all (hopefully) did our research when something new was brought up and we took our time for our discussion. We didn’t end up settling on anything, but it was still a very great discussion, things were like I said very civil and very respectful. I am a Christian, and I know that people online who claim the same thing can be very hypocritical, but I have never understood why. I claim being a Christian because I really believe the Bible and it’s teachings, and do my best to live it out, I’m certainly no saint, but I certainly ain’t gonna pretend and waste my time either. I wish all the discussions could be like the one I mentioned, but sadly they arn’t. Once again though, a great episode and I can’t wait to see what the next non fluff subject y’all tackle are.

    • RobotLarge

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I realize we didn’t go deep into the issues surrounding religion like some people thought (feared) we would, but I feel like we got Chris’ point across.

  • Almondjoy

    Great cast guys really liked it. I would imagine a large portion of the community was raised with some religious background in one way or another. Kind of goes hand in hand with being a “nerd.” Being very sheltered growing up is a side effect of religious parents, and thus leads to kids finding other avenues like D&D, magic, books, etc. to occupy their free time.

    I grew up in baptist/methodist/presbyterian churches, and since moving away from my small town life, I’ve stopped going to church but still consider myself a religious person. It’s not so much that I don’t like church, but I don’t want to continue attending the types of services I did when I was young. I don’t like listening to the 60 year old man I can’t relate to and singing from 60 year old Hymnals. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right type of church.

    Anyways as always, keep up the awesome work guys!

    • RobotLarge

      I totally agree with you. Now that you point it out I think that part of my problem with going to church when I was younger was that I didn’t feel like it was relating to me. I guess that’s why a lot of churches have youth groups and programs now.