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Posted by on Feb 26, 2014

SVU Fancast #7 – Marcel’s Meat

SVU Fancast #7 – Marcel’s Meat

It’s time to get a big mouth full of Marcel’s meat! We spend some time talking to Marcel about life, projects, politics, and how to cook a great steak! You’ve heard him on Brainstorm Brewery.. you’ve heard him on the Smooth Brothers.. now settle down with Mike and Josh and get your steak on.

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Special thanks to Marcel for joining us. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

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  • Alex Shafer

    just rewatched “The Magic Show” 3 times, I cant find the easter egg. Is it something on the Jace Boarding Pass?

    • TheProxyGuy

      I cannot answer any questions but I can say this;

      When you find it, you will know, and you will know why you do.

      • Mike Ringer

        Oh that Josh.. sneaky guy.

    • Bruce Lee

      The QR Code on the boarding pass is just a link to the Magic Show. Was hoping for something juicier…

      • TheProxyGuy

        I want to do more work for Evan, so I couldn’t go too deep on the first one.

        • RobotLarge

          Hopefully next time it’ll be easier to talk him into taking it up a notch.

  • William

    The promo Batterskull will be given at GP Montreal, the same as Prime Time at GP Quebec last year

    • TheProxyGuy

      I stand (sit) corrected. I remember hearing about cards-as-prizes in Quebec being an issue in the past. It looks like that was resolved, and that’s a good thing.

    • Mike Ringer

      Thanks for correcting us!

  • Bruce Lee

    For some of the best sandwiches ever go find a place in Montreal by the name of Shwartz’s.
    We also can’t let Quebec succeed because they have quite a few pieces of leverage, one of them being the MASSIVE amount of power that Hydro-Quebec exports to Ontario and USA.

    Why no homework?

    • RobotLarge

      Great comment about Quebec. I think we’ll talk a lot more about this when we have our next guest on, if our plan comes together.

  • Kim

    It is quite interesting the discussion on geography and local dishes. When I was younger, I have lived in a coastal Latin American city which translates into a lot of seafood (sardines, snapper, conch, crab, shrimp, squid, octopus, langostine, et al). When I moved to Vancouver, I was a bit disappointed with the offerings. Yes, I said it. A lot of people in North America are used to big, top feeder fishes, such as tuna, salmon and halibut. However, give those smaller fishes a try. Those are more sustainable than large fishes and they are quite tasty! As a side note, I prefer hanger steak over ribeye. Contrary to most people, I prefer that chewiness rather than the melt-in-the-mouth feeling mentioned.

    In terms of geography, I have travelled to a lot of cities in North America. What I usually do is just let whatever city I arrive to surprise me. The one time I went to Omaha, I thought it would be mostly cornfields. Nope, was proven wrong. Denver, despite it is really high, there wasn’t much in terms of hills (as far as I can remember; but I didn’t drive to Boulder). Between Jefferson City, MO and St. Louis was mostly flatland, so is between Edmonton and Calgary (here in Canada); however, an hour drive away from these cities westbound are Jasper and Banff. I believe the most important thing is that one do travel (probably Rico Travels should say something about this) so one get to know there are other parts of the world with different settings and, depending on how you feel about your “home” city, gain a new appreciation as well as a change of scenery. Going back to the reference above about moving to Vancouver, I was quite excited the first time I saw snow falling. Now, I am somewhat sick of it. And, despite what Hollywood might tell you, snow is NOT romantic!

    • TheProxyGuy

      I’ve yet to have a winter in my life devoid of cold and snow. Not sure how I’d react to warm weather in the Oct->April months.

      Happily, I’d suppose.

    • RobotLarge

      Thanks for the great discussion, Kim.

      I have to admit that I, in general, am not much of a fish lover. Even the small fishes. I used to be, but my love of fish changed when I spent summers working in the local fish processing plants. We would get salmon in to process that had come down from the fishing grounds around Alaska. They were low grade salmon that had been in the hold for days. It was for canning purposes and often bordered on rotten. It would literally fall apart in our hands when we tried to clean it on the processing line. And the smell.. the smell is something that has stuck with me 20 years later. This is why I tend to stick to fish like Halibut which is not a “fishy” fish.