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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014

SVU Fancast #8 – A Spicy Ginger

SVU Fancast #8 – A Spicy Ginger

Are you ready for the most fabulous guest ever to be heard on the cast? With everyone heading off to Montreal for GP Drunk Train, we get Erin Campbell from The Deck Tease on the show. We talk about GP’s, her love of KYT, her dislike for someone from Heavy Meta, and she dishes dirt on the only person for whom she ever rescinded an invitation to appear on her show. Erin is just simply awesome, and it was an honour to have her on the show.

Erin can be heard on The Deck Tease hosted at Gathering Magic. She is @originaloestrus on twitter.

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Special thanks to Erin for joining us. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

Make sure to listen to Heavy Meta and check out all the great stuff at ManaDeprived!

  • PaperShaman

    Another really good episode guys! Erin is the perfect guest host no matter what cast she’s on. I’ll have to give the Deck Tease more of a listen now. Homework! Keep up the awesome work! You guys have something special here.


    • Mike Ringer

      Thanks buddy! Erin was so awesome to talk to. I could talk to her all night long.

  • Noble Troll Pearsall

    Not quite done with the episode, but so far really good. At the part where Erin is talking about Gram. Interesting so far, certaintly so far another great episode.

  • Stephen Raffael

    I gotta get better at leaving comments on shows….Anyway, I’ll continue the dick sucking I started on Twitter! Great job, fellas. Enjoyable cast and a fun guest makes for a fine listening experience. To no one’s surprise, Erin makes for good radio. I really need to start listening to the Deck Tease now.

  • Andrew Fielder

    Great episode, really enjoyed the discussion about podcasting and interviews. I will share everyone else’s sentiments that Erin is a great guest (and host).

    One of the things I think is important to this cast is that it’s about the people in this (sub) community and I really like the mix of the more notable personalities where it’s nice to find out about them, and those in the community who I really should know about (but don’t).

  • Bruce Lee

    Excellent range of topics covered.
    Was waiting for juicy scumbag story or a game at the end.

  • Brian Saari

    Erin rocks! Hope I get the chance to meet her at GP Minneapolis…